Vanuatu Daily Post – DAround 10 tourism bungalows on Tanna that were destroyed during cyclone Pam will return to full operation this week.

These renovated bungalows are White Beach Bungalows, Island Dream Bungalows, Apera Beach Bungalows, Rocky Ridge Bungalows, Crystal Lagoon Bungalows, Iwaru Beach Bungalows, Hidden Treasure and Yasur View Lodge that will be launched today (Monday) and tomorrow.

This realization was made possible through recovery funds from the Government of Australia through the Governance for Growth Program.

Vt22.3million was provided to revive and boost tourism in Vanuatu.

Eight other bungalows are due to complete renovation and open to visitors in early May.

These are Ikamer Bungalows and Restaurant, Port Resolution Yacht Club, Tanna Lava View Bungalow, Tree House Eco Adventure, Volcano Have Bungalows, Volcano Island Paradise Bungalows, Volcano Vista Bungalows and Volcano Eco with Tree House.

Tanna, as the worst cyclone-hit island in Tafea province lost a lot of its bungalows to cyclone-Pam.

The number of visitors to the island dropped significantly following the disaster.

The island’s economy depends on tourism.

To ensure tourism operators get back on their feet as soon as possible and visitors to start returning for overnight stays, the Department of Tourism (DoT) last year kicked off recovery activities on Tanna to revive affected products.

Initiated by the DoT, the ‘Tanna Tourism Recovery Project’ is supported through recovery funds from the Government of Australian.

The Australian government ‘Skills for Economic Growth Program’ (TVET) in Vanuatu is coordinating the Tanna Tourism Recovery Project.

This project aims to improve the quality of local tourism accommodation on Tanna post-cyclone Pam by providing product development support and subsidized materials to key tourism accommodation businesses, said the Tafea Skills Centre Manager, Joe Iautim.

Since August 2016, the Tafea Skills Centre has been delivering activities for the project. Customised workshops were held with tourism operators and on-site coaching visits from product development and construction industry coaches.

Nationally accredited tourism trainings for tour guiding and accommodation services were also held.

So far on the overall recovery funds, over Vt10 million has been spent on construction and sanitation materials supplied to tourism operators. It includes Vt1.3 million worth of locally made hard-wood furniture and Vt1.5 million worth of ‘natangura’ purchased from communities on Malekula through the Malampa Skills Centre.

During the launch today, a Memorandum of Agreement (MOU) will be signed between the Tanna Tourism Recovery Committee and the Tafea Travel Information Centre Management Board.

This signing will confirm a Vt4.6 million support for the establishment of an online booking centre to boost tourism growth.

Tafea Travel Information Centre will aim to strengthen links between local tourism operators and international tourists, while enhancing product and provincial destination marketing.

Tonga, Jubi –  Setelah melalui serangkaian kontroversi, pemerintah Tonga dikabarkan telah mengeluarkan surat izin sementara bagi sebuah perusahaan kasino Tavake Tamafua. Bersama investor dari Amerika Serikat, Tavake berencana membangun kasino, pusat perbelanjaan, vila mewah termasuk bandara di sebuah pulau kecil di Tonga.

Berdasarkan hukum di Tonga, perjudian adalah tindakan ilegal. Namun, dengan munculnya izin ini, maka pemerintah tengah menuai gelombang protes yang lebih besar lagi di masa mendatang.

Informasi keluarnya surat izin pemerintah ini diutarakan oleh pihak Tavake kepada Radio Tonga. Menurut mereka, pemerintah melalui menterinya, Tevita Lavemaau telah mengirimkan surat kepada pihak Tavake yang isinya menyatakan dukungan pemerintah terhadap inisiatif membangun kasino.

Oleh karena itu, pemerintah akan memberikan hak eksklusif dengan beberapa syarat dan ketentuan kepada pihak Tavake untuk membangun fasilitas kasino dalam jangka waktu dua tahun mendatang.

Salah satu syarat yang diajukan pemerintah yaitu nilai investasi untuk pembangunan infrastruktur itu harus setidaknya mencapai lebih dari 450 juta dolar AS. Selain itu, 80 persen pekerja harus berasal dari Tonga.

Saat ini, pihak perusahaan dan pemerintah masih terus melanjutkan negosiasi terkait persyaratan lainnya sebelum proses pembangunan dimulai. Namun, ia memastikan bahwa jalan menuju kea rah itu telah makin terang dan artinya tak lama lagi, Tonga akan memiliki fasilitas kasino.

Direktur Tavake Tamafua, ‘Epeli Taione mengatakan bahwa perusahaan yang bergabung dengan Red Warrior Entertainment itu akan terus bernegosiasi. Ia menyontohkan, kebijakan yang diadopsi Samoa. Di sana, kasino tetap dibangun dan warga dengan paspor Samoa dilarang masuk ke area tersebut.

“Dengan cara seperti itu, tidak aka nada warga berpaspor Tonga yang boleh memasuki area kasino sehingga maksud pemerintah semua terjamin. Lebih dari itu, seharusnya pemerintah Tonga melihat ini sebagai salah satu peluang ekonomi yang sangat baik,” tuturnya. **

To all my West Papuan friends and Supporters

Some people say Iam a little bit obsessed with west papua .Very true. I have been to west papua in august 15 and got a first hand experience. The Indonesian military is exterminating the west papuan people covered up by both the Indonesian and Australian governments. Both the major political parties have been given my report. The Lombok security treaty with Indonesia gives them the green light to slaughter thousands of west papuans 250KM FROM AUSTRALIA . AUSTRALIA WILK NOT OBJECT.


I am happy to be a clown for Christ. Amen.

Anthony Craig leader Free west papua party Australia established because the indonesian military is exterminating the west papuan people covered up by both the indonesian and Australian governments

Cry goes out remember balibo and East Timor

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Amunggut Tabi: West Papua Independence is NOT Limited to Peace, Stability and Security in the South Pacific

In response to Indonesia’s strategy approaching the governments in Melanesian countries by providing what it calls “security assistance to poor Melanesian nation-states”, Amunggut Tabi from the West Papua Revolutionary Army says

West Papua independence is not limited to peace, stability and security in the South Pacific region.

Please tell the world, this independence has more to do with wider issues, more lasting aspect, and it has universal benefits to the world. It has to do with the life on this planet Earth and to the life after life, rather than just limited modern nation-state anthropocentric sentiment of peace, security, and economic development in the South Pacific.

When Papua Merdeka News (PMNews) asked to clarify what Gen. Tabi means by his statement above, he says

All human beings in the world know that New Guinea is the second largest Island on Earth after the Greenland. And all human beings also know that New Guinea is the home to the third largest rain-forests on Earth after the Amazon and Congo rain-forests. All human beings on planet Earth also know that New Guinea is home to the Second Tropical Glacier on Earth. It is home to the worlds species of flora, fauna and human bio-cultural diversity.

Of course, all these have nothing to do with economic growth and gross domestic products and mass production of the modern nation-states in this planet Earth. But one should note, that these facts have things to do with “life” and “death”.

New Guinea is not just full of natural resources to be exploited, as modern people know, but New Guinea has things to offer beyond economy, beyond money, beyond security beyond wealth, beyond prosperity.

Those who ignore or undermine the cause of West Papua independence are the ones who do not understand the real meaning this struggle. Those who support this struggle right now, we believe, receive blessings in their hearts and minds, in their life, because this life and this planet Earth knows that New Guinea is important for our survival.

Gen. Tabi also mentions that New Guinea is the home of all Melanesians.

All Melanesians come from New Guinea, we spread across the island countries from West Papua to Fiji, and all Melanesians have full right to come back to this Island when anything at all happens to the small islands across the South Pacific. We should not put hope on Australia, but New Guinea is our original home and out future home. Imagine when all small islands are threatened to be under water, and New Guinea is fully occupied by Malay-Indos, when will Australia host Melanesians? No, impossible because Australia today is occupied by Europeans, not our brother-Aborigines.

We all Melanesians are fighting in defending our race, and in protecting our home-land from being occupied by foreigners. We are protecting our future, the future of a grandchildren to come.

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