Vanuatu to host International Table Tennis Federation Continental Cup
Vanuatu leading male star, Yoshua Shing
Vanuatu leading male star, Yoshua Shing

When China announced that Korman Complex costed roughly around 4 billion vatu, Vanuatu had to step up and make use of the new multi sports complex right after the successful 2017 Pacific Mini Games.

Football got the first opportunity, hosting an Oceania Champions’ League Group stage, and then came athletics with the Melanesian Athletics Championship and the Youth Olympic Games qualifier that ended on Friday, and next on the list is table tennis.

Vanuatu will be hosting the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) Continental Cup from the 18th to 19th of May this weekend at the Korman Sports Complex.

Already confirming their attendance are 6 Countries from Oceania which are, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia and Vanuatu will participate in this event.

Vanuatu’s Yoshua Shing and VAN2017 Mini Games male award winner will play in this tournament, and will be one of the main highlight and a must to watch at this tournament.

Vanuatu for the first time will get to see Table Tennis at its best compare to the 2017 Pacific Mini Games.

Vanuatu Table Tennis Federation would like to invites all residents of Port Vila to come to the event and support our players.

Daily Sport understands that table tennis is one of the few sport disciplines that has never failed to secure a medal for Vanuatu in the regional meets, and this one will not disappoint local fans and families.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

7th HoM discuss way forward for Vanuatu’s Foreign Policy
HoMs and Ministers of the government during the photo session at Iririki Island Resort. Fern Napwatt
HoMs and Ministers of the government during the photo session at Iririki Island Resort. Fern Napwatt

The 7th Heads of Mission (HoM) meeting commencing on May 7 to May 9 was officially opened yesterday at the Iririki Island Resort.

HoM is an annual event that brings all Ambassadors, High Commissioners and Consuls-General to discuss foreign and development policy objectives of the country.

The discussions will involve ministers and key relevant Government line agencies and the ambassadors will report on their achievements for the year 2017 and the government will provide new directions for the year 2018.

In his official address, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation and External Trade (MOFAICET), Ralph Regenvanu (who is also the chair of the HoM) acknowledged participants who have responded positively to this important gathering.

“This occasion is very important to the mandate of the MOFAICET as we come together to review the components of our Foreign policy and reflect on the alignment of our work, to the vision of our country as articulated in the National Sustainable Development Plan,” he said.

“As we deliberate on our achievements for the year 2017, we’ll also discuss ways we can better address our challenges,works in partnership with relevant government line agencies , bilateral and multilateral partners towards governments development agenda.”

Mr Regenvanu said that 2017’s HoM outcome (discussed after the official opening) should be the starting point to this process-the need to take stock of its implementation, challenges during the implementation and formulated ways to better manage policy coordination among relevant stakeholders in achieving objectives.

“For this occasion, it has provided me as the minister the opportunity to get to know you all HoMs better.Colleagues who are operating in such a dynamic and complex international environment,an international engagement is fundamental to our success as a nation especially in these uncertain times,” he said.

“The work of our diplomats overseas is increasingly important to our national interest.

“There are increasing expectations from the Foreign Ministry to conduct and implement the country’s foreign policy objectives and that is important that we continue to evaluate and further develop our capacity to accommodate these growing demands.”

Mr Regenvanu stated that currently there are 11 missions for Vanuatu abroad and has shown a positive growth for Vanuatu in terms of areas of strategic interest.

“We must continue to work in building friendships and partnerships with all our partners in Europe, Middle East Asia and the African region, we need to strengthen our interaction through the countries of these regions that have great potential to assist in our course for development,” he said.

 “On the global stage, Vanuatu has made remarkable progress in projecting ourselves in the United Nations at the same defending our interest as a Small Island developing state in the international arena- Vanuatu took on the role of Vice Chair of UN General Assembly last year and has made significant contributions to the UN Agenda.

“We are facing extremely important responsibilities ahead of us and I encourage you all to think critically and creatively on how we can work together to assist our country as it graduates from LDC status in 2020 and transition to developed country status.”

The HoM is divided into two segments, the HoM proper which looks at policy issues surrounding the work of Foreign Service and the Management session which deals with the administrative side of things will convene May 9.

There will be training sessions conducted by the Department of Finance and Immigration on May 11.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs pledged his support to the Heads of Mission when he officially opened the 7th HoM.

 Source: Vanuatu Daily Post

Two killed, three injured in Enga tribal fighting
Enga police commander George Kakas
Enga police commander George Kakas

TWO people were killed and three injured in tribal fighting in Enga on Sunday, Enga police commander George Kakas said.

Kakas, pictured, told The National that fighting between the Kala and Kii tribes in the outskirt of Wabag town was related to an election issues from last year and it included a land dispute.

Police tried to monitor the situation close-up but tribesmen burnt their vehicle and chased away the policemen.

“The Kala tribe from Amala village is on the fringes of Wabag town and adjacent to that is the Teremanda village where the Kii tribe comes from and between them is disputed land,” Kakas said.

“This fighting between the Kala tribe of Teremanda village and the Kii tribe from Amala is related to the Kandep open seat.”

Kakas said police managed to control and stop the fighting last year during election but this time the fight restarted over disputed land.

Kakas said some Teremanda women started making gardens on the disputed land.

“They were spotted by a man from the Amala village who then spread the word to his tribesmen and they came back with arms to chase away the women,” he said.

However, Kakas said they were ambushed by Kala tribe men who gunned them down.

“Two of the men from Kala tribe died and another three are fighting for their lives at Wabag hospital,” he said.

Kakas said the situation was tense and the two tribes were attacking the public travelling on the road, leading to Porgera gold mine.

“Police could not intervene because we tried sending two officers to assess the situation,” he said.

“But the tribesmen got hold of the police vehicle and burnt it and chased the police officers away.”

Source: The National PNG

Pacific Media Centre Newsdesk

A Bougainvillean leader has accused Papua New Guinean Prime Minister Peter O’Neill of “undermining” the island’s 17-year-old peace agreement and the independence vote due next year.

Martin Miriori also condemned O’Nell for lacking sensitivity over Bougainville that struck a New Zealand-brokered peace agreement which ended a 10-year civil war and included a referendum vote on independence.

Miriori, a Panguna landowner and pro-independence leader, was reacting to a statement by O’Neill at the Business Forum in Brisbane last week and repeated in PNG’s The Nationalnewspaper that the vote was not about independence, but what was best for the people of Bougainville.

“When the prime minister comes out openly making such a statement in public, my view is that he is already undermining the good intentions and the spirit of the Bougainville Peace Agreement which, among other issues, clearly states that the issue of independence for Bougainville will be also among the options for a referendum vote to be taken by the people [in] June next year,” he said today in a statement.

“This is also the common understanding of the international community as well [as] including the United Nations,” Miriori said.

“For the prime minister to water down the main focus on the independence issue at this time is simply a big slap on the face [of] the people of Bougainville.”

Miriori said Bougainvilleans would not have “fully committed themselves” to the joint partnership with Papua New Guinea in the peace process if they knew that they were “going to be tricked”.

“We must not lose the trust and confidence of the people at all cost, and in doing so try to confuse them by making such statements, which could easily undermine all our good work and tireless efforts being invested in this very delicate and sensitive process since we first fully committed ourselves at Burnham [New Zealand] in July 1997 towards achieving lasting peace by peaceful means,”

Miriori said.

RNZ Pacific reports that O’Neill told the Business Forum in Brisbane that when the outcome of the referendum was tabled in the national Parliament, he was sure every MP would vote in the interests of a unified and harmonious country.

Guitars instead of guns

Meanwhile, the film maker of a forthcoming documentary about the Bougainville peace process, Soldiers Without Gunshas released a trailer.

In a social media message message to supporters last week, Will Watson said: “We were celebrating the 20th anniversary of lasting peace for Bougainville yesterday.

“Yes, the 30 April 1998 was the signing of the peace accord. 

“The other big news is that I completed the trailer for the upcoming movie, Soldiers Without Guns. It took lots of work but I think it describes the Pacific’s worst civil war and peacekeeping with guitars instead of guns.

“Still lots of work to do to complete the film. I hope you like the trailer.

“I have been inspired to tell this story for the last 12 years. I am now very close to completing the feature length film.”

Watson won the 2017 Cannes Film Festival peace feature for his documentary Haka and Guitars.

He has appealed for support in a funding campaign to complete the Bougainville project.

MSG Secretariat Invited to UN Decolonisation Comittee Meeting in Grenada

MSG Secretariat invited to attend the United Nations (UN) Pacific Regional Seminar on the ‘implementation of the 3rd International Decade for the Eradication of Colonialism: towards the achievement of the sustainable development goals in the Non-Self-Governing Territories: Social, economic and environmental challenges” in Grenada

MSG Secretariat invited to attend UN Pacific Regional Seminar in Grenada
FLNKS/MSG Secretariat with MSG Permanent Representatives at the United Nations

07 May 2018

 (Pre-Duty Travel Press Release)

Consistent with the 2018 Action Plan/Roadmap in support for the FLNKS Self-determination process in Kanak New Caledonia adopted by MSG Leaders during the 21st Leaders’ Summit held in February this year in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, the Secretariat had been participating in a number of international forums to promote the referendum in New Caledonia.

This week the MSG Secretariat was invited to attend the Pacific Regional Seminar on the ‘implementation of the 3rd International Decade for the Eradication of Colonialism: towards the achievement of the sustainable development goals in the Non-Self-Governing Territories: Social, economic and environmental challenges” that will be held from 9-11 May 2018 in Grenada.

The MSG Secretariat will be represented by Programme Manager Political & Security Affairs Mr Ilan Kiloe who will join Mr Mickael Forrest, Permanent Secretary of FLNKS External Affairs. MSG Secretariats’ participation in this important global process to support FLNKS as one of the original founding member of the MSG is vitally important in terms of implementing the Leaders decision.

For further information, please contact Mr Ilan Kiloe- Programme Manager Political and Security Affairs via email

Source: MSG Secretariat