‘Stop vote bank politics’
Minister for Employment, Productivity & Industrial Relations Jone Usamate (left) speaking with Opposition MP Mikaele Leawere and Government MP Mataiasi Nuimataiwalu at the parliament complex yesterday. Picture: JOVESA NAISUA
Minister for Employment, Productivity & Industrial Relations Jone Usamate (left) speaking with Opposition MP Mikaele Leawere and Government MP Mataiasi Nuimataiwalu at the parliament complex yesterday. Picture: JOVESA NAISUA

OPPOSITION MP Mikaele Leawere has pleaded with the Government to stop vote bank politics, which he says is a well-known trait of left-wing dictatorships. Mr Leawere made these comments while responding to the Minister for Employment Jone Usamate’s ministerial statement in Parliament on the vulnerabilities of young workers yesterday.

“We cannot afford to have a weak and injured workforce. It is them who will carry the heavy debt burden and other problems that have been created in the last decade, into the future and resolve the same,” he said.

Oppostion MP Parmod Chand said youths were the future leaders of Fiji and needed support from the Government. “We need to encourage them, help them and build them up,” he said.

Mr Usamate, in his statement, said the ministry was working with the support of the tripartite partners and the International Labour Organization (ILO) to collectively help create a safe and healthy environment for young workers.

Chand accuses State of trying to win UN human rights seat
Governmengt MP Netani Rika (left) in discussion with Opposition MP Biman Prasad, Government MP Samuela Vunivalu and Opposition MP Ratu Suliano Matanitobua during a break in Parliament sitting yesterday. Picture: JOVESA NAISUA
Governmengt MP Netani Rika (left) in discussion with Opposition MP Biman Prasad, Government MP Samuela Vunivalu and Opposition MP Ratu Suliano Matanitobua during a break in Parliament sitting yesterday. Picture: JOVESA NAISUA

OPPOSITION member of Parliament Parmod Chand has accused Government of trying to win a seat on the UN Human Rights Council by rushing to ratify two UN Conventions. He made the claim while speaking on a motion to ratify the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) and International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR) in Parliament yesterday.

“Madam Speaker, we hope also that this rushed ratification is not only Fiji’s campaign to win a seat on the UN Human Rights Council this year. We have raised this time and time again,” Mr Chand said.

In his response, Acting Prime Minister and Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said it was unpatriotic for Mr Chand and the National Federation Party to make such comments.

“We are not doing this to satisfy some seat on the UN Human Rights Council. We gave an undertaking, we are fulfilling it,” Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said.

“The comments by Honourable Chand and NFP are very unpatriotic. If they were truly concerned about furthering the culture of human rights in our country, they would actually push for us to have a seat on the UN Human Rights Council. We need to be patriotic about that,” he said.

He also pleaded with the Opposition to leave the director of human rights alone because he was doing his job. Parliament last night agreed to ratify the two conventions.

PM set to chair PIDF in July
Prime Minister Rick Hou
Prime Minister Rick Hou

PRIME Minister Rick Hou will chair the Pacific Islands Development Forum (PIDF) meeting in Honiara in July this year.

Last Friday, the Prime Minister was briefed on the progress of arrangements by the Secretary General of PIDF Francois Martel.

Mr Martel informed the Prime Minister that all preparations are well underway and that invitations for the participating countries have already been sent out.

Prime Minister Hou is expected to chair the PIDF Leaders’ Summit and Conference from the 4th-6th July.

The PIDF Meeting will coincide with the country’s 40th Anniversary celebrations as well as the Melanesian Arts Festival which will also be held in the first two weeks of July.

Solomon Islands is expected to host leaders of PIDF members namely Fiji, Kiribati, Republic of Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Nauru, Tonga, Vanuatu, Tuvalu, Tokelau, Timor Leste and Palau.

Two non-state members the Pacific Island Association of Non-Governmental Organization (PIANGO) and the Pacific Island Private Sector Organization (PIPSO) are also expected to attend.

Invitations have also been extended to Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Niue and Cook Islands (non-PIDF Members) for the Summit and Biennial Conference.

Territories such as New Caledonia, Wallis&Futuna, Guam, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands and Pitcairn Island Leaders have also been invited.

Source: SolomonStarNews

Police mediate suspected sorcery case
Police mediate suspected sorcery case PPC of Central Islands province, Patricia Leta
Police mediate suspected sorcery case
PPC of Central Islands province, Patricia Leta

Police at the Tulagi Police Station, Central Province have mediated a suspected case of sorcery at Soso village within the Sandfly area in the Florida Islands on Monday, 14 May 2018.

It is alleged that a false rumour was spreading within the communities that a 50-year-old man alleged to have used black magic to kill another man in December 2017. This has caused ongoing hatred between the two parties.

Provincial Police Commander (PPC), Central Province Superintendent Patricia Leta said, her officers with a lot of effort by Crime Prevention Committee members, Church leaders and village chiefs managed to bring both parties involved to reach a common understanding and settled their grievances through custom.

PPC Leta thanked both parties and all the community leaders who assisted his officers to peacefully mediate the long standing issue.

“This shows police and the community are working together to implement the Crime Prevention Strategy for a peaceful community for our children.

“My officers also conducted an awareness talk to remind the community at Soso not to take the law into their own hands, instead resolve things through amicable means or allow authorities to be involved,” said Superintendent Leta.

The community leaders also conveyed their sincere appreciation to police in Tulagi for their continuous partnership with the communities especially to ensure peace prevails within Central province.

Source: Solomon Star News

Vanuatu PM meets French President
By Glenda Willie
By Glenda Willie

The  president of France’s visit to  New Caledonia and the high level dialogue held at the Pacific Community (CSP) from May 9th to 11th , provided opportunities for a global meeting between all the member states of the Community.

As a result, the issues linked to the Pacific have been raised and discussed in detail.

The environmental challenges have been a major topic as the issue is so serious in a region of the world where climate change consequences are already visible. The economical and geopolitical topics and issues happening in the Indo- Pacific area have been debated as well.

Prime Minister, Charlot Salwai, was able to discuss with President Emmanuel Macron and with the Minister of Europe and Foreign affairs, Jean-Yves Le Drian.

These discussions have highlighted the good quality of the bilateral relations between Vanuatu and France. This also emphasizes how strong the neighbor links between Vanuatu and New Caledonia are.

The international cooperation opportunities are also very promising for Vanuatu with the increasing presence of the French Agency for Development in the Pacific region.

It was during this meeting that France announced it will contribute to international relief efforts to support Vanuatu in the operation to relocate families on Ambae.

 Vanuatu Daily Post

Yamuna new head of climate change authority

By LUKE KAMA, The National PNG

Yamuna new head of climate change authority
Yamuna new head of climate change authority

THE Government has appointed Ruel Yamuna as managing director for the Climate Change and Development Authority for a period of four years.

Yamuna was among the seven heads of State agencies who signed their employment contracts at Government House in Port Moresby yesterday.

Yamuna, who has been the authority’s acting managing director since August 2016, said climate change was becoming a real threat to the nation’s growth and development.

Others who signed their contracts were Central Bank Governor Loi Bakani (seven years), director-general of the National Agriculture Research Institute Dr Sergie Bang (three years from March 2017), Correctional Service Deputy Commissioner in charge of operations Dennis Piandi (four years from December 2015), Correctional Services Deputy Commissioner Corporate Affairs

Stephen Pokanis and Public Curator and Official Trustee Jacob Popuna.

Governor-General Sir Bob Dadae encourage them to put the interest of the people and the country first in discharging their duties.

Madang Provincial Police Commander, Ben Neneo is appealing to all residents to take extra precaution when moving around as selective killing is for real by hired killers.

He said this yesterday when commenting on the state of law and order in the province.

The recent one being the killing of Solomon Yama, one of the many sons of Governor, Peter Yama, who was also mentally sick for some time.

According to the incident brief, Neneo said that Solomon was killed between the early hours of Sunday morning.

“The body was found near the neglected government housing scheme land without his clothes,” he said.

Mr Neneo said he was killed somewhere else and dumped there as the area had no blood anywhere. He said that the naked body was dragged from the murder scene to the actual spot.

The late Solomon was believed to have been killed at the Biliau Maus Rot settlement where pooled blood on the bitumen could be seen and dragged 200-300 metres away towards the Wagol River and dumped in the bushes between the hills of Sisiak, Lavalava, Marap camp, Biliau Maus and Public tank.

“Detectives working on the case have no leads as yet nor the motive. Criminals are choosing their timing to kill and are being selective,” he said.

“I must warn residents to be careful and do the commonsense things of taking care of yourselves because police have also received threats and we are doing double work now, looking after ourselves and you. Its not easy.”

He said the current escalating law and order problem need to be sorted out by the inclusion and presence of the six national MPs and the Governor by addressing the recent petition put to them three weeks ago.

He said six MPs non committal attitude towards Madang issues over the years and now was something that needed fixing.

Meanwhile, the first suspect in the January heist of Best Buy Supermarket where a total of K100,000 in cash was stolen has finally been arrested.

Neneo said supermarket staff who viewed the CCTV footage of the robbery soon after, identified the suspect themselves and alerted police.

The suspect Timothy Telo of Yame village, Maprik, is now in police custody.

Mr Neneo also confirmed that suspects locked up at the Jomba cells have not been fed due to no money to feed them.

“We are in consultation with the senior provincial magistrate and the National Court on this issue where summary offenders are released whilst the others get warrant commitments done up and are sent straight to Beon.”

Source: https://postcourier.com.pg/

Police Investigate Suspicious Asian “Housewives”
The Vanatu Daily Post
The Vanatu Daily Post

Growing suspicion that foreigners may be trying to interfere in Vanuatu politics has triggered a police investigation on two Asian individuals.

The subjects of the recent police investigation are two females of Asian origin who arrived in the country earlier this month.

Daily Post was reliably informed that their details categorise each as a “housewife” but their activities raised suspicions, triggering the police investigation.

Two days after they arrived in the country, they were under police radar as investigators were interested to see if they would be any form of money transactions.

They were said to have meet with some politicians and some business owners of Asian origin in town.

However, when questioned they both denied meeting with a Member of Parliament.

In less than two weeks they checked into two different hotels in town, before leaving the country after being questioned by police.

One of the suspects informed police that the reason for her visit was to collect a suitcase of clothes she had left in Vanuatu during a previous visit.

The government’s stand when it comes to foreigners meddling in issues of national interest is clear.

In the aftermath of the recent extraditions, Minister of Internal Affairs, Andrew Napuat, said: “Leave politics aside”.

Daily Post understands this is not the first report linking politicians allegedly involved in dodgy financial deals with foreigners.

Source: http://dailypost.vu/