UK High Commissioner Arrives

By Dan McGarry

Vanuatu rolled out a unique welcome yesterday to Karen Bell, the newly-arrived High Commissioner to Vanuatu. The first ever all-woman honour guard to welcome a foreign dignitary paraded for Ms Bell on the State House lawn. As God Save the Queen played again for the first time in nearly 15 years, a twin rank of new recruits stood to attention with bayonets fixed on their FAMAS assault rifles.

In his welcome address, President Obed Tallis delivered a wide-ranging appreciation of the contributions that the United Kingdom has made over the years, and called for support in numerous key activities.

Perhaps the most pointed request was for support on getting West Papua placed on the decolonisation list. ULMWP leader Benny Wenda was recently given the freedom of the city in Oxford, an honour that was followed by accusations by the Indonesian embassy to the UK that Mr Wenda had “advocated and perpetuated violence”, according to the BBC.

He rejected the claim as baseless.

Benny Wenda claimed political asylum in the UK in 2002.

The ceremony was capped with a toast of fresh coconut, through a bamboo straw, as President Tallis demonstrated how Vanuatu has found natural ways to replace plastics and other toxic waste.

Ms Bell and her staff will share accommodations with the New Zealand High Commission.

The Daily Post will provide more insight and analysis of the British mission in Vanuatu in the coming days.

Source: Vanuatu Daily Post

Pacific foreign ministers meeting in Fiji Friday

The foreign ministers of Pacific Island Forum nations meet in Fiji on Friday to consider key issues ahead of next month’s leaders’ summit in Tuvalu.

New Zealand’s Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters said it is an important opportunity to deepen partnerships within the Pacific family.

He said this will include strengthening Pacific regionalism, responding to climate change, advancing the Boe Declaration on regional security, and fisheries and oceans issues.

Mr Peters said his government is committed to advancing security, well-being, prosperity and resilience in its Pacific neighbourhood.

Source: RNZ

Constitutional amendment requires referendum

The Court of Appeal has upheld the Chief Justice’s decision that any amendments to the Constitution regarding the Parliamentary Secretaries (PS) needed a referendum.

While handing down the judgment yesterday, the Court of Appeal rejected the argument presented by the Speaker in this matter that the amendment did not affect the fundamental status of the parliamentary system.

On the contrary, it was clear that changing the ratio of ministers to members was regarding the parliamentary system, and so the amending Act required a national referendum before it could be valid.

The Court of Appeal said the Bill also affects the ratio of those members who may exercise the executive functions of government, by a significant increase in them.

The court viewed that the argument presented on behalf of the Speaker is to have emphasized the composition of the Council of Ministers. The bill does not change the composition of the Council of Ministers, but in important respects it (1) creates a new category of persons called ‘parliamentary secretaries’ who may be appointed under the heading of the executive in Chapter 7 of the constitution; (2) Provides for parliamentary secretaries to be assigned “responsibilities for the conduct of government”; and (3) extends the possible number of MPs who may be responsible for the conduct of government beyond the number presently provided for in the Constitution.

By providing for additional PS of up to two-thirds of the number of ministers will permit up to eight PS. In turn, that means it provides for up to 21 MP who may be assigned “responsibilities for the conduct of government”, in addition to the PM.

Chapter 7 of the Constitution was clearly and carefully drawn to limit the number of ministers to not more than one quarter of the members of Parliament: The Council of Ministers- that is the PM and Ministers (Article 40)- is then only a relatively small proportion of all the MP. They are to have the “responsibilities for the conduct of government”. Presently the number is 14 including the PM

Therefore, not only the Bill relates to the parliamentary system as prescribed by the Constitution, but it directly does so by providing for the PM to move the “responsibilities for the conduct of government” to MPs other than to the ministers.

The court said that the direct identity of language in the Bill indicates that the responsibilities of government may be assigned by the PM to the ministers or to one or more PS.

“That obvious answer is supported by the text of the Bill, the executive power of the people of the republic is “the conduct of government”, subject of course to the parliament itself.

“So much is clear by the express words in Article 42 (2) of the Constitution.

“The Prime Minister is to assign the “responsibilities for the conduct of government” to the ministers.

“The Bill says that a PS is also to have “responsibilities for the conduct of government” as assigned by the Prime Minister.”

It was accepted by Counsel for the Speaker that the Bill, by reason of its content, had to be in Chapter 7 of the Constitution, under ‘The Executive’. It could not go sensibly into any other chapter of the constitution. It could not go, for example, into chapter 9- ‘The Public Service’ -because it did not provide for the PS to be appointed to the public service with the security of tenure system such a position carries.

The Speaker through his counsel accepted that the ‘parliamentary system’ as prescribed by the Constitution includes both the establishment of the Legislature and the establishment of the Executive.

“We have carefully considered that contention, including the refinements and nuances with which it was developed in argument.

“We do so, on the basis that the ‘parliamentary system’ must include all the processes of electing the MPs and then electing the PM and the appointment of those who can, and do, exercise the executive functions of government.

“We do not accept that the argument by the speaker is correct.

“As our introduction notes, we have come to the firm conclusion that the Bill is ‘regarding the parliamentary system’ of the Republic.

“It should not, therefore, be assented to by the President unless and until it has been supported in a national referendum.”

Source: The Vanuatu Daily Post

Freedom advocators urge Indonesia to grant self-determination to Moluccas
An earlier delegation from Moluccas poses with VFWP delegate (second from left) By Len Garae
An earlier delegation from Moluccas poses with VFWP delegate (second from left) By Len Garae

The Vanuatu Free West Papua and Moluccas Association (VFWP/MA), Malvatumauri National Council of Chiefs (MNCC) and Vanuatu Association of Non-Government Organisations (VANGO), representing other major Civil Society Organisations, have formally resolved that as of April 24 2019 they will start to speak out and advocate for the self-determination for the people of Moluccas.

They will also “express solidarity with the commitments of the leaders of the Government of Vanuatu. All the West Papuan and Moluccas Support groups around the globe call on the Indonesian Government to stop all forms of human rights violations in Moluccas, and facilitate the peaceful processes of their self–determination”.

A communique issued stated, “The record of all our human histories, proved that the Melanesians are the most hated ethnic group in the world, and we need to be united in all our efforts to ensure that our oppressors should have learned and repented from the past barbarous treatments, our forefathers received during the black birding and slave-trade era, and learn to treat the present victims of colonization with more respect so that we can live happily together in this world.

“In the true spirit of solidarity and partnership with all the people of Vanuatu and all the West Papuan and Moluccas solidarity groups in the world.”

The Vanuatu Communique which was signed in Port Vila on April 24 of 2019, and carried the signatures of five leaders representing their organisations namely the Chairman of the Vanuatu Christian Council (VCC), President of the Malvatumauri National Council of Chiefs, Spokesperson of United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP), Chairman of Vanuatu Non-Government Organisations (VANGO) and Executive Administrator for the People of Moluccas.

Source: Daily Post Vanuatu

MIS: Many Melanesian Leaders Trapped into Malay-Indos Game (Woman & Money)

What West Papuans know is more than what other Melanesians know about Indonesia

West Papuans are the best Melanesians on this planet Earth to explain all about “who” Indonesia is and what it is doing today across the globe. West Papuans have been focusing more in Indonesia, spending more time watching and analyzing what Indonesia is, what it does an how it carries out its mission on this planet Earth.

However, what is happening today is not according to this reality. Many Melanesian leaders from Papua New Guinea to Fiji are considering themselves know more than those Melanesians in West Papua.

Melanesian Intelligence Services (MIS) Reports

By trusting their own judgement, which are still so poor about who is Indonesia, they have signed many agreements, and they have made many deals that make these Melanesian leaders become uneasy to speak loudly and honest about themselves, their dignity and their integrity in relation to their own “selves” being sacrificed in West Papua.

They become so “individualistic” and so blinding with the money and women that have been offered by Indonesia, very cheaply and very easily.

The Melanesian Intelligence Services (MIS) received a report today that there have been some Indonesian women operating across Melanesia, all the way from Raja Ampat in West Papua to Fiji (Nadi and Suva), as well as in Port Numbay (West Papua), Port Moresby (PNG), Honiara (Solomon Islands) and Port Vila (Vanuatu).

Now the question is “how do they come in?”

The first thing they bring in is “business deals”. First, they will sponsor international organisations, or international companies. Then they will come to you bringing with the these offers, and asking you to sign the agreements with those other companies and organisations outside.

They will than make everything seems easy for you to get the cooperation. They company or NGOs abroad will make it easy for these Melanesian leaders, ordinary MPs, or governors or ministers in Melanesia, all are targeted.

The MIS Director says:

They will mostly send women! Again, they will send woman! Their job is first of all to distract your attention, and secondly to easily agree with he offers that she brings. They know how Melanesians would react to and treat women from Asia. Indeed. They will “smile”, yes big SMILE. MIS calls this “a lion smile“, not a human smile. “A lion smile” is a kind of big smile that is starving and ready to eat up your identity and dignity as a Melanesian.

Now, what they have done today is they have managed to get married with so many Melanesians MPs in Papua Barat and Papua Provinces in West Papua, and in many provinces in Papua New Guinea, some in the Solomon Islands, many in Fiji and a number of women in Vanuatu.

MIS Director also reported

Most of these women will use Malaysian Passports. They will also use passports from Brunei, Nepal and the Philippines. Some will use Thai Passports. They are also equipped with very basic skills in yoga or what Indonesia calls “Senam”. They will be fluent in English, and they will promote their skill as a way into investment and promoting international NGOs.

They will also promote issues that will finally destroy Melanesian way of life and paradigm. They will tell you that the Melanesian Way of Thinking, behaving and living is bad, and you have to change. What does it mean? It means you have to change become Malayo-Indos.

If you start thinking all things that we have in Melanesia, including your self-image and self-confidence as a Melanesian leader as bad, less, missing something, that means your self-image is starting to shake. Then be sure, you are no longer a proper Melanesian leader. You become puppet of someone else.

Remember, being a Melanesian is not just by skin and hair, it is more important by the way you think, you speak, you relate to yourself and your world and by the way you act.

These Indonesian women are more prepared to do anything and everything, primarily starting with very seriously taking care of yourself as a leader and as a husband, which, unfortunately we have to be honest, most Melanesian women neglect to do. Most of our Melanesian women are focused on bearing children and looking after them. Full stop! What about their husbands? Most of the time, Melanesian husbands are neglected and most of the time refused to talk, to go around together and to do many things together. They are busy with their children and their won families.

Malayo-Indos women do the opposite. They set aside their children their families and their own interests. They put what their husbands wants and needs at first and more important than their own. They say “Good bye Daddy!” when you leave home. And they quickly come out to the door, welcome you and say, “Welcome back Daddy!” when you return home. They check your suits, ties and shoes, how you look and how you feel before you leave the house. In other words, they make you “their big and grown up babies”. And of course, this is all men wants and needs.

The purpose of their mission is only ONE: to stop you from thinking a lot, do things and campaigning for a Free and Independent West Papua.

They are telling all key Melanesian leaders that security and economic development in Melanesia is more important than to think and talk about Free West Papua.

They say that it is better we keep Melanesia away from western influences and promote more Asian influences because Asians and Melanesians are closer geographically and socio-culturally.

Indonesia Already Allocated USD$4,279,387.8203 for this opeartion

They have spared USD$4,279,387.8203, that is Indonesian IDR60,000,000,000.00 as reported in many Indonesian local and national media. One of them is TabloidJubi of West Papua. This report by Tabloid Jubi West Papua says from the 13 nation-states in the pacific, there are 7 nation-states that support West Papua campaign for self-determination.

The first thing they bring in is “business deals”. They have spared USD$4,279,387.8203, that is Indonesian IDR60,000,000,000.00 as reported in many Indonesian local and national media. One of them is TabloidJubi of West Papua. This report by Tabloid Jubi West Papua says from the 13 nation-states in the pacific, there are 7 nation-states that support West Papua campaign for self-determination.

Indonesian Defense and Security Minister Gen. Wiranto says the money is allocated for the following purposes:

  1. The first is promoting “Good Profile” of Papua Land with the amount of IDR 20,000,000,000.00
  2. Improve cooperation between Indonesia and the South Pacific IDR 15,000,000,000.00
  3. Cooperation among International Organisations in the South Pacific IDR 15,000,000,000.00
  4. Security Management in Border between Australia and South Pacific DIR 5,000,000,000.00
  5. Imporiving Intelligence Cooperation between Australia and the South Pacific IDR 5,000,000,000.00

The Last Question Would be?

Questioning ourselves, each one of us, particularly we, Members of Parliament, Politicians, Ministers, and Governors across Melanesia:

  1. Am I one of those victims that MIS is talking about?
  2. Am I serving for my Melanesia-hood, or for Asia-hood?
  3. Am I sacrificing my Melanesian race for the interest of my personal biological and economic benefits?
  4. Am I a curse or a blessing for my Melanesia-hood?