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Bonny Kaiyo: OPM, BRA, and the Malaita Eagle Force

by melanin
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The question is whether or not they or we as a people of Melanesia are up to it or able to meet the bar of insurgency and nationalist movements in other conflict spots of the world….In Melanesia we flirted with insurrection and ‘terrorism ‘through the

OPM, BRA, and the Malaita Eagle Force. May be the objectives could be better defined. I would argue that the civil resistance movement in West Papua gained a lot of ground without solid assistance from non – armed state actors in the Pacific Region and the world until recently. But listen to this one. PNG may be a ‘failed state’ or ‘failing state’ so an independent West Papua could prove to be a recipe for success for the ‘other Papua New Guinea’ to use as the learning curve to improve performance in the areas of state, society, and governance in Melanesia.

The Pacific regional political processes of state, society, and governance could better cater for the plight of fellow pacific islanders because there is everything to gain and nothing to lose from creating the appropriate momentum for West Papua to claim its place in the world of free nations. One of the biggest if not the biggest gold mine in the world in located in Grasberg Mountains, Timika. The gold mine contributes 80 percent to the Indonesian budget…Indonesia’s jewel indeed, except that West Papua in in Melanesia. It follows that the reason why Indonesia continues to illegally occupy West Papua is because the Indonesian Archipelago will perish and disintegrate without the wealth generated from Papua.

West Papua’s fellow Pacific Island neighbours know that Indonesia is gambling with time from the start when it annexed West Papua without any basis under international. The regimes run by six different Indonesia Presidents since 1969 have lost the plot and at this stage failed comprehensively to convince the Pacific Island Countries that it is capable of affording human rights including the right to self – determination to Melanesia’s West Papua. See the link that follows for more on the approaches available to Pacific Island Countries to ‘pacify’ the half – a – century old Papua Conflict. Clearly Indonesia as a neo – colonial apparatus has done well below par to engage the Papuans in political democracy. In the Pacific, as elsewhere in the world, political democracy comes before modernization and economic democracy. West Papua lost out n both accounts. http://www.solomontimes.com/news.aspx?nwid=6845

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