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The Struggle for Independence in West Papua

by melanin
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As the battle raged at the border, villagers along the West Coast of Vanimo, by hook or crook, would be entitled to have their say about their brothers and their long struggle for West Papua’s freedom everyday.

The Morning Star flag, the symbol West Papua’s aspiration for freedom(shown flying in one of the villages) is no longer just a symbol but the soul of a people, and millions have died for it.

More will fall defending it so long as Indonesia is illegally occupying their land. All border villages are home to β€˜dissidents’ who support the independence struggle.

It is a simple logic. Indonesia came yesterday, 60 years ago, with its ‘oil and sugar’. The villagers got used to eating all that.

But, the struggle for West Papua’s freedom is a lifetime assignment that took 60,000 years to do research and it will take another 60,000 years to undo it.

The show of support for the struggle for liberation by West Papua in Vanimo and all over PNG and Melanesdia is just like the OPM…gentle as a dove, and fierce as a flame. Free West Papua. Now!

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