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Indonesian military's conduct in Papua highlighted

by melanin
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An Indonesian military commander has warned soldiers against committing abuses in Papua, saying the region is constantly in the spotlight because of conflict.

Indonesian soldiers

Indonesian soldiers Photo: AFP

Tabloid Jubi reports Cenderawasih regional commander Major General Hinsa Sibuarian saying the military’s job is to nurture, protect and guarantee the security of the people.

He says soldiers serving locally must be aware that Papua is being highlighted because it is considered a risk area.
Citing the recent incident in Timika where two people were allegedly shot dead by military, General Sibuarian says it shouldn’t have happened.
Urging soldiers not to drink alcohol, he says they should be down-to-earth and maintain the unity and integrity of the nation.
His comment comes as the Timika Diocese Church Chairman says the actions of the Indonesian security forces have soiled the image of the country.
John Philip Saklil says there is a widespread perception that security forces who transgress routinely enjoy impunity.

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1 comment

mnews August 24, 2017 - 5:42 am

May Melanesian peoples and government officials do not know what is actually happening inside West Papua.


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