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How to use SEX to “electrify” your mental powers and become a rampant creative genius!

by melanin
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Sex is everywhere these days, isn’t it? You can’t turn on your computer without being hit by a hundred different sexually related emails. Porn sites have dictated the evolution of the internet, driving forward into new realms of marketing, design, sales technology, and god only knows what else. All that innovation driven by the energy of sex!
Flip through a magazine, turn on the TV, and it seems that every other advert has some kind of sexual component used to sell everything from clothes to light bulbs (the ultimate turn-on!).
Why? Why all this nudity? What’re all the cleavage shots about? Why is that muscular man drinking that soft drink while the women gawp at him?
Sex moves us to action. Sex inspires mighty deeds. Sex sells!
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How sex drives the brain…

Sexual energy is the lust for life in all forms. Have you heard of SPERM COMPETITION? Well, you should have – you’ve been living it! It’s the natural force that drives intelligence forward in all creatures!
Everybody knows that males are promiscuous and ferociously competitive when it comes to sex. Men’s competitiveness revolves around physical strength and dominance at the basic level, and moves up the scale to include attractiveness, intelligence, ingenuity, organisational power, leadership and wealth.
For ages it was politely assumed that females–both human and of other species–are naturally monogamous. Er … hello? … Not so!!
Females, it has become clear, are equally promiscuous, if not more so, and have evolved an astounding array of creative strategies, employed both before and after copulation, to determine exactly who will father their offspring.
Do you get that? Sex, good old rumpy pumpy sex, has been the driving force of creativity, resourcefulness and evolution itself in both men and women for millennia! And because we humans get such pleasure from sex, we don’t just want it when spring is in the air … we want it all the fucking time!
That’s probably why we are the dominant species on this planet! We’ve been so focussed on sex and relationships that we’ve become super smart as a species!
Don’t believe me? Look around you. Why is that incredible looking girl with that dumpy little guy? Either he’s smart and rich, or smart and funny, or smart and famous, or smart and creative, or smart and kind with a big-dick!
Whatever it is, he had to be smart to get the girl, because he sure didn’t get her because of his looks or physique! You can see exactly the same intelligence at work with women.
Everyone contrives to get the best possible person that they can get in order to mate with them (based on a combination of their own criteria and a primitive innate evaluation system, modified by how screwed up they are!).


The desire for sex is the most powerful of human desires. “When driven by this desire, men develop keenness of imagination, courage, will-power, persistence, and creative ability unknown to them at other times.” says Napoleon Hill in his classic book, Think and Grow Rich.
Now, YOU can use SEX to purposely power up your brain and let your creative genius juices flow. Here’s how:
The Sex Spurts Guide To Turning-On Your Creative Juices!
Sex Transmutation: Using Sex Energy to Fuel Your Success
1. If it ain’t hot and hard already, stoke up the fire…
It’s a well known fact that most of the geniuses, creators, leaders and entrepreneurs of the past and present have very strong sex drives. If you are a bit ‘limp’ or ‘cold’ when it comes to sex, you need to take action and get your juices flowing again! Whether you turn to Viagra, or if you are a woman take herbs like muirapuama, catuaba, and maca, you’ve got to get your sex energy up and buzzing.
If you are healthy, you are going to have a strong sex drive. If you have any kind of long-term illness, particularly anything affecting the spine, the kidneys, or sex organs, then you need to do whatever you can to beat that illness with the help of your medical practitioners.
Personally, I’d also recommend you start working on mental causes and work with the ideas presented by Louise Hay in her book “You Can Heal Your Life”. Then I’d suggest you start to explore natural health and particularly the area of raw food diet. The Bragg health guides (www.bragg.com) are excellent and have stood the test of time. I also like the book, “Radical Rejuvenation” by Roxy Dillon, which features an excellent guide to the best use of aphrodisiac herbs.
2. Revel in your sexual energy… rejoice in the life force gushing between your thighs!
How sensuous are you?? Do you delight in the tastes of foods and drink? Do you relish the warm touch of bare skin or the coolness of satin? Do you allow yourself to experience pleasure in your environment, in the beauty and wonder of Nature?
What about music? Can you get sassy with Barry White, groove to L’il Kim, soar with Mozart, and just delight in the abundance of pleasure and good feelings that music brings you? This is a great big wonderful world of sensation and experience. Learn to experience things in the present moment, fully and completely!
Remember your sex energy is your lust for life! It’s your passion! Get passionate, get sensuous! Love your body! I know that’s a toughie for a lot of people, but if you don’t do it you’ll never discover your Paradise Portal!
Paradise Portal? What’s that?!
Your body is a portal to Paradise. Your body is an instrument that can create and experience pure unadulterated Bliss! Get in there and love it! Feel it, touch it, play with it, pleasure it, and savour the sensations that your body gives you as you kiss, as you stroke, as you masturbate or as you fuck!
And if you have a problem with the F-word – practice saying, “I Love To Fuck” 100 times a day until you can say it and take a dirty ribald pleasure in saying it! Love the life in you – it’s really, really good!
3. Get yourself a muse and amuse yourself…
To paraphrase Paul McCartney you “need somebody to love”! He’s a great example of a modern genius using a muse to inspire his creativity. Think of all the wonderful love songs he has written for the late Linda McCartney such as “Maybe I’m Amazed”, “I Will”, “The Lovely Linda” and “My Love”. His mum, his children, John Lennon’s son, Heather Mills, and Nancy Shevell have all inspired him to write beautiful songs that have become hits.
Who do you love? Who do you lust after?
I remember when I was first courting my wife. I remember it as one of the most creative times of my life! And it was such fun! We met and fell in love over the telephone and didn’t actually meet for the first 6 – 8 weeks. I was a horny young devil of 24 and the air was ripe with innuendo and sexual wordplay… and laughter. When you’ve got a muse you are always amused! We exchanged cards, faxes and letters, all of which were gems of pure creative genius – in that we both laughed hysterically and felt wonderful! We were both doing our utmost to woo and win the other…
When all of your passion and sexual energy is focussed on the pursuit of another and the attempt to win their affection, your mind fires on all cylinders!
Shakespeare had his secret lover. Napoleon had his Josephine. Cleopatra had Mark Anthony.
Who do you have to inspire you to mighty deeds and great thoughts?
If you are married… my commiserations. No! I’m joking! Do you still have that lust for your partner? If not, can you remember it? When you feel love for them, how do you express it? Feel inside and be guided as to how you want to show them that you love them, that you want them!
Imagine how you’d feel if they died. What would you want to say to them? They are going to die, someday. And so are you. You have a limited amount of time. Be aware of it and see your relationship within that context. It can be the spur that makes you want to express your love!
If you are anything like me, you are constantly trying to figure out how to get more sex with your partner! It takes being a genius to figure out how to fit it in what with work, her schedule, my schedule, the toddlers schedule, eating, sleeping, exercising, doing the laundry, housework!
I’ve got charts and blueprints drawn up! “Okay, she’ll be here at this time. She’ll be wearing sweat pants then – easy to pull down he-he-he! The kid’ll be watching TV downstairs, I’ll have approximately 18 minutes to initiate something before I need to go give him his 2nd stage of breakfast before nursery school. Hmm … I need an excuse to be there …aha! Eureka! I’ll just say…” etc :-))
But then, I’m such a dawg!
Now if you are single and looking… well, the world is chock full of muses! You need your wits about you constantly. You need to be on your best form as you talk and try to tantalize the potential lovers you pursue.
Look all around you. You can fall in love a dozen times a day when you are single and hungry for love. You can lust after 50 strangers or more a day too!
Your restless eyes scan all the people you meet and measure them against your internal “cuteness” gauge. If they meet your mark, all the internal bells go off, the adrenaline and endorphins start to pump inside you and your pheromones go into overdrive! You gaze over and try and catch their eyes. Is there a spark? Is there a smile for you?
When you are in that state of yearning, you are at the gateway to creativity. You can speak eloquently of your lust, your love, your pain … probably not to the person you are hounding after, but if you try to express it by writing down your thoughts, you’ll probably find yourself writing at a higher level than normal.
When you are directly vying for the attention of someone you fancy, you’ll strive to impress him or her. You’ll be funnier, more daring, and more original than normal. All that is mitigated of course by how nervous you feel, your self-esteem and level of confidence. But usually after the initial nervousness has worn off, you can really get in your stride.
Maybe you’ll compose a song. Write a poem. Think up jokes. Research things that he/she is interested in. Paint pictures. Cook elaborate dinners. Read more books. Reflect on movies. And figure out how the hell you are going to get into his/her pants! And stay there as long as you want!

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4. Why saying “No” to Sex can skyrocket your creative passion…
I wanted to call this section “Agaping hole you just want to fill and fill… but don’t!” But that’s just being crude and a little obscure rather than clever! What I do want to tell you about is Agape and Courtly love.
Agape (pronounced “ä gä´ p-a-”) is a Greek word meaning “unselfish love of one person for another” which Gandhi used during his non-violent campaigns in India.
Mahatma Gandhi was a funny old bird. He had a lot of very kooky ideas! But what a genius…
You probably know that he was a celibate. And at the height of his powers he wore little more than a loincloth and endured lengthy periods without food. He used fasting as a way to protest against the harsh rule of the British in India.
It is said that during these long protest fasts, Gandhi would sleep (while remaining celibate) with two virgin girls either side of him. Apparently this helped to boost his energy levels and gave him the mental fortitude to persist. Hmm, I wonder if my wife would let me do that next time I’m doing a fast? 😉
Fasting is physically debilitating and you don’t have a lot of energy for sex. But have you ever had a cold or the flu, and then seen your partner naked? You know you are not “up to it” physically but the mind is still willing! Old men report the same thing … they know they can’t get an erection but they still enjoy thinking about sex!
Gandhi was tantamount to a saint in his commitment to his spirituality. He would have taken that buzz of physical closeness and turned it into pure love, and used that energy to figure out his next move in his campaign to peacefully oust the British.
On a more romantic level let’s talk about “Courtly Love“.
The Knights in shining armour – fantasy figures for hundreds of years of women right to the present day it seems – had a special code of conduct when it came to amour… they called it Courtly Love.
Now there appear to be several interpretations and versions of courtly love. But the basic idea runs something like this…
The dashing young knight, Sir Loves Tolancealot, arrives at the castle and soon falls in love with a nobleman’s pretty wife and vice versa. He however is a man of honour and she a virtuous woman. Under the rules of courtly love they can let their passion flow unbridled as long as they don’t engage in physical intercourse. This was known as a donnoi relationship.
So while Sir Loves Tolancealot and the Lady Prettipuss might engage in sleeping together nude, nude caresses and embraces, they can’t and won’t copulate! But you can be sure there were hours and hours of mutual ravishing with the eyes, punctuated by doting, frustrated sighs!
Been there, done that! 😉
Now according to the historical reports left to us by these Knights and fair Ladies, and sung about by wandering minstrels and troubadours, courtly love was highly popular. These relationships ignited their imaginations and lifted their psyches to new levels of emotional intensity and feeling, much more than ordinary sexual pairings did.
If you get yourself into that heightened state of emotional intensity you are going to be:

  • More aware
  • More sensitive to stimuli
  • Feeling more alive
  • Exuberant and expressive
  • More energised and inspired

… And those are all qualities you can draw on to be creative, inspirational, and exceptionally minded.
So learn to tease your desire and hold it at fever pitch, because arousal will benefit you mentally and spiritually. You can do it with anything you want – it doesn’t have to be sex, though sex is the most effective. When you are hungry, take a piece of fruit into your mouth and just “hold” it there … see how long you can go without actually chewing it, just close your eyes and taste it, feel its texture, savour everything about it.
With your sexual partner you might try experimenting with “courtly love”. Let your desire and lust build and build. Restrict yourself to cuddles, caressing and anything but full-penetrative orgasm. You can even practice karezza – where the man penetrates the woman but you just embrace each other without thrusting and just feel one-another and bask in the sensations.
Experiment with courtly love. The longer you can go, the more creative you will become. Just keep on finding ways to express your love/lust without actually going the whole hog. Keep that feeling as high as possible. And from that state, create, invent, write, sing, dance, express yourself!
5. Transforming Sexual Energy into Pure Genius!
So let’s recap. Sexual desire is the most powerful human emotion. By achieving a state of sexual desire and maintaining it, you keep the mind in a heightened state of arousal and activity. When you mix sex and love, you have the perfect mix for drawing on the creative mind… if you can transmute or turn your desire for sex into a desire for something else, such as writing a poem, working out a business problem or getting direct spiritual insights.
Over indulgence in sex and orgasm, will quell the feeling of desire and the affect that it has on the mind. Once a man ejaculates, more often than not he rolls over and falls asleep! One moment he’s a tiger, straining with every part of his body and mind to get what he wants … the next he’s unconscious!
Female arousal is slower to heat up and slower to cool down, so the affect of sexual arousal on the mind is not so obvious. But it still works the same way.
Your goal is to access states of mind that geniuses do. You require the stimulation of the most powerful human emotion: sex. This will bring your mind to a heightened state of awareness and sensitivity. In expanded states of consciousness you have access to sources of knowledge that you would not otherwise have when simply involved in everyday reality thinking (worry, obsessing, trivial pursuits etc).
Let’s say that you want to brainstorm for a business idea. You’ve obviously given it a lot of “rational” conscious thought and not really come up with anything. Take yourself somewhere private and comfortable, settle down, relax. Begin to get aroused. You can fantasise about your lover, about getting naked and making love. You might also physically stimulate yourself through masturbation (hence the need for privacy!). Get good and hot! However, don’t get too carried away. You are not to come or ejaculate.
When you are aroused, use your will-power to turn your mind to your business, and turn that arousal and state of lust over to the problem or challenge. You can actually shift your desire for your lover over to the problem or rather to the solution to the problem. How? Well, it requires a bit of imagination. And imagination is the primary tool of genius, as it is the gateway to intuition and infinite wisdom.
Simply imagine that you are equally turned-on by the idea of getting a solution to this problem. Make love to the problem and seek out the climax – the answers you are seeking. Yes, I know this is bizarre and weird but it works! Just fake it till you make it. You can do anything that you can conceive of.
This will work in any field of endeavour.
Get aroused. Then focus on your area of work and what you want to achieve in it. Focus your mind on all the known factors of your particular project (all the information you have gathered, all the actions that you have taken so far). Then allow a perfect mental picture to arise of all the unknown factors (what remains unfinished).
Hold that vision and let it saturate your mind.
Then let it go. Clear the mind of all thought.
And wait for the answer to “flash” into your mind!
6. Conserve Sexual Fluids if you want to be The Greatest!
Muhammad Ali knew it. All the great fighters know it. You can’t be at your best if you’ve recently “come”.
This is a controversial and much argued subject.
On the one hand, if you have sex and ejaculate and lose bodily fluids, it is said that you are weaker physically and mentally for a period of time after. And that is the experience of many men and women. Hence the expression, “I feel totally shagged out!” or “I fucked my brains out last night!”
On the other hand, when you are very uptight and sexually pent-up, having sex can relax you, release mental knots and allow you to flow into different states of consciousness.
Sexual fluid though is very similar chemically to brain fluids. Deplete one and it seems that you deplete the other.
The Taoist Sages and Martial Art teachers advise that we refrain from “wasteful” ejaculation and instead internalise orgasmic energy, directing it upwards so that it can nourish the brain and enliven various energy points and chakras.
At the simplest level, redirecting the sexual energy involves tensing the anal sphincter muscles and the muscles that control the flow of urine, to stop ejaculation, and imagining the sexual energy flowing up into the brain. Please refer to the following books for detailed instruction.
For Men:

“Taoist Secrets of Love: Cultivating Male Sexual Energy” by Mantak Chia

For Women:

“Healing Love Through The Tao: Cultivating Female Sexual Energy” by Mantak Chia & Maneewan Chia

These books are also available through the website: http://www.universal-tao.com . …And from most online booksellers and big offline bookstores.
The art of Chi Kung and particularly Sexual Chi Kung is too complex to convey here. However, I highly recommend it and strongly advise that you investigate further. Chi Kung is rapidly emerging in the West as an exceptional health system that can have profound effects on body, mind and spirit.
Prayer mat of the flesh…
Sex is one the most wonderful experiences of human life. Unless you’ve been “screwed up”. This powerful life force that flows through you is the life force of Creation itself. It is a wild force that can lash out and cause damage unless harnessed with love and wisdom. When it is used intelligently and channelled into Love, romance and creative pursuits that add to the beauty and abundance of life, then it may be said to be the energy of the Creator. And that is You!
The Supreme Intelligence of Life seeks to create and expand infinitely. The genes of all life forms fight and scheme to expand their dominance. Sex driving them on.
Worship this living energy of Universal Intelligence that flows in your body… and you will gain access to that Infinite Source of Wisdom!
Sex is the genius gene-in-us!

Reader’s follow-up question:

2-CD Course: Practical Application of Integrative Sex Transmutation

Promiscuity: An Evolutionary History of Sperm Competition
by Tim Birkhead
Lucy’s Legacy: Sex and Intelligence in Human Evolution
by Alison Jolly
The Code of Chivalry and Courtly Love
Courtly Love – lists the distinctions
Courtly Love (general note)


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Wily Walnut is the headbrain at http://www.WilyWalnut.com, your top resource for unleashing the genius within, becoming infinitely creative, intelligent and brilliant in all that you do!

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