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Orgasm and Meditation

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The Huffington Post just published an article ” Why Meditation And Orgasm Feel The Same To The Brain” which confirms from  the world of science details about the connection or similarity between sexual orgasm and meditation.  The article refers to Osho as someone who has spoken about this connection in his many talks and books.  “In the ordinary sexual orgasm you meet as two excited beings – tense, full of excitement, trying to unburden yourselves. The ordinary sexual orgasm looks like madness; the tantric orgasm is a deep, relaxing meditation.” Osho has always described sexual experience as a stepping stone to spiritual growth. “In deep meditation, a sexual orgasm happens – not with someone outside you, but with your own polar opposite within. You meet there: your woman and your man meet. The meeting is spiritual, not bodily”
The first book which made Osho famous not only in India but around the world was “From Sex to Superconsciousness”  – a new version is available as SEX MATTERS – From Sex  to Superconsciousness,  St. Martin’s Press.
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