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UHTS – Regulating Mastrubation

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By Sarina Stone

In the Way of the Tao, we know men lose energy (Chi) in ejaculation and women lose energy (Chi) in menstruation.  This is an important point as we focus so much of our intention on cultivating, refining, circulating and conserving Chi to attain and maintain optimal health.

It is possible for a woman to balance her hormones in a natural way and regulate, at the very least, the unpleasant symptoms prior to and during menstruation.  At the very most, we may choose to conserve eggs and menstruate less often, or for fewer days.  This we know from the experience of thousands of women through history and today.

Have you ever experienced pre-menstrual Syndrome?  If you have, you have seen how women lose energy before and during menses.  The energy loss pre-menses each month is both physical and mental.  Many pre-menstrual women experience feelings of angst.  As the liver begins to prepare for this process, many women suffer an imbalance in the negative emotion of the liver; anger!  Add to this the crazy imbalance of the more Yang (masculine) hormones, like testosterone and progesterone, and we lose energy by becoming too Yang and emotionally unstable for days prior to menstruation.

This roller coaster of emotions from the shift in hormones may cause a woman to laugh one minute, cry the next, and then become angry for no reason.  This is taxing on the mind and body and thus women lose precious Chi each month.

Still others lose their Chi due to cramping, bloating, constipation and other nasty physical effects for 3 to 7 days prior to menstruating.  A symptom of Chi loss is fatigue.

Out of kindness and respect for you, the reader, we do not offer techniques to regulate menstruation on this website.  For this, you must train under the supervision of a Certified Instructor for your own safety.  We recommend you also read the book Healing Love Through the Tao, Cultivating Female Sexual Energy by Master Mantak Chia, and study the pages “Preparing Your Body” on this site.   You may also come to Tao Garden and take the Basic Retreat or Multi-Orgasmic Retreat in January 2009.  It is very important to learn and practice Universal Tao Basic practices of Inner Smile, Six Healing Sounds, MicroCosmic Orbit, and Iron Shirt Chi Kung prior to attempting to regulate menstruation as the techniques will bring vital Chi out of ovaries and uterus and some of it will be transferred into the major organs.  If the emotional energy in the organs is not balanced when the reproductive (sexual) Chi enters, a woman may grow the emotional imbalance and become very uncomfortable.  It is ultimately important to attain as much physical and energetic balance as possible before attempting to cultivate sexual energy.

So, in the Tao, we do not place the cart before the horse.  Learn to balance your emotions and circulate your Chi first, then you may safely enter the amazing world of Cultivating Female Sexual Energy.

This being said, Master Chia wants to relay to you the importance of learning to balance the hormones, and connecting the heart to your mind and sexual organs.  This is especially exciting for postmenopausal women as it may restore femininity and healthy hormone balance.  In the Way of the Tao, of Way of Nature, we choose not to supplement the hormonal system with pills and creams unless it is absolutely necessary.  Instead, we choose to take our mind and our intention inside the body to facilitate balance and radiant health.

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