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Master Chia’s Tao Garden’s Winter & Darkroom Retreats

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Master Chia’s Tao Garden’s Winter & Darkroom Retreats

Master Chia will teach the Inner Alchemy Formulas 4, 5, 6 during the Darkness Retreat at the Universal Healing Tao Center and Tao Master School at Tao Garden Health Spa & Resort one time only this year.

Take advantage of our Darkness Retreat technology here at Tao Garden. Participants stay in the absolute darkness during the full week(s) of their training. This yields the best results due to the natural changes in the biochemistry of the brain, the relaxed atmosphere, enhanced inner focusing and the enriched energetic atmosphere of group meditations led by Master Chia. Share the subdued excitement of experiencing newly discovered realities in an ambience of friendly camaraderie among kindred spirited participants from around the world.

Master Mantak ChiaDarkroom Retreat 2017 Pi Gu Energy Fasting
The practices of the Lesser Enlightenment of Kan & Li involves cleansing and rejuvenating the glands and organs using neutral energy (steam) generated by the inverting and coupling of the primal polarities of Fire and Water. The higher Inner Alchemy Formulas, which traditionally were practiced in caves,are taught in a complete darkness environment, which has been specially created to facilitate the teaching and practice of higher level Taoist Alchemical Meditation.
Week 1: Pi Gu Energy Fasting Lesser Kan & Li – Sun. Feb. 5 – Sat. Feb. 11
Week 2: Greater Kan & Li – Sun. Feb. 12 – Sat. Feb. 18
Week 3: Greatest Kan & Li Retreat – Sun. Feb. 19 – Sat. Feb. 25lease click here
Master Mantak ChiaMaster Mantak Chia Tao Garden Winter Retreat 2017
Master Chia and all of us at Tao Garden are so happy that this year we had almost 100 people attend the Instructor Training Certification Program and Basic Retreat weeks. Master Chia’s senior instructor team was quite large this season and we are so grateful for the support all the students received through the experience. Some students certify as full instructors, some as associates and some simply attended class to spend time with Master Chia and learn more Tao practices in our beloved Tao Garden.
Week 3: Fusion I, Tan Tien and Tao Yin – Sun. Jan. 22 – Sat. Jan. 28
Week 4: Fusion II & III and Tai Chi I – Sun. Jan. 29 – Sat. Feb. 4
Master Chia’s schedules More information please click here

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