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Amunggut Tabi: West Papua Independence is NOT Limited to Peace, Stability and Security in the South Pacific

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Secretariat-General of West Papua Revolutionary Army
In response to Indonesia’s strategy approaching the governments in Melanesian countries by providing what it calls “security assistance to poor Melanesian nation-states”, Amunggut Tabi from the West Papua Revolutionary Army says

West Papua independence is not limited to peace, stability and security in the South Pacific region.
Please tell the world, this independence has more to do with wider issues, more lasting aspect, and it has universal benefits to the world. It has to do with the life on this planet Earth and to the life after life, rather than just limited modern nation-state anthropocentric sentiment of peace, security, and economic development in the South Pacific.

When Papua Merdeka News (PMNews) asked to clarify what Gen. Tabi means by his statement above, he says

All human beings in the world know that New Guinea is the second largest Island on Earth after the Greenland. And all human beings also know that New Guinea is the home to the third largest rain-forests on Earth after the Amazon and Congo rain-forests. All human beings on planet Earth also know that New Guinea is home to the Second Tropical Glacier on Earth. It is home to the worlds species of flora, fauna and human bio-cultural diversity.

Of course, all these have nothing to do with economic growth and gross domestic products and mass production of the modern nation-states in this planet Earth. But one should note, that these facts have things to do with “life” and “death”.

New Guinea is not just full of natural resources to be exploited, as modern people know, but New Guinea has things to offer beyond economy, beyond money, beyond security beyond wealth, beyond prosperity.
Those who ignore or undermine the cause of West Papua independence are the ones who do not understand the real meaning this struggle. Those who support this struggle right now, we believe, receive blessings in their hearts and minds, in their life, because this life and this planet Earth knows that New Guinea is important for our survival.
Gen. Tabi also mentions that New Guinea is the home of all Melanesians.

All Melanesians come from New Guinea, we spread across the island countries from West Papua to Fiji, and all Melanesians have full right to come back to this Island when anything at all happens to the small islands across the South Pacific. We should not put hope on Australia, but New Guinea is our original home and out future home. Imagine when all small islands are threatened to be under water, and New Guinea is fully occupied by Malay-Indos, when will Australia host Melanesians? No, impossible because Australia today is occupied by Europeans, not our brother-Aborigines.

We all Melanesians are fighting in defending our race, and in protecting our home-land from being occupied by foreigners. We are protecting our future, the future of a grandchildren to come.

Amunggut Tabi: West Papua Independence is NOT Limited to Peace, Stability and Security in the South Pacific was originally published on PAPUAPost.com

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