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Yamin Kogoya: our history, language, philosophy, knowledge and value system makes you unique

by melanin
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Please remember this….! To all Melanesian people – the children of Alam. Your history, language, philosophy, knowledge and value system of what makes you unique as a Melanesian human did not begin when the first white man came to our villages. The white men came to steal and destroy what belonged to us, as well as dividing and controlling us, so that they can expand their parasite agendas. Everyday we are losing our languages, which contain ancient knowledge, philosophy, wisdom and magic. When a Melanesian elder dies, he or she carries this secret knowledge with them, that help sustains their “ Alam Civilization” for millennia. When a Melanesian language dies – we lose everything.
This is the time where we must put all other colonial agendas aside – whatever they might be – spreading democracy, human rights, gender equality, development projects or religious agendas. We must focus on teaching our children OUR original language and must record them for the next generation, designing our own curriculum based on Melanesian knowledge, building our own education system so that the Melanesian elders can teach the young ones the true wisdom and values of Melanesian politics, economy, cultures and wisdom that already existed before the intruders came. We must unite to protect our forest, land, water, animals, ocean, valleys…

Every single Melanesian human, who are alive now, all have the duty and responsibility to this. If we don’t do this, then we are truly responsible for the entire genocide of all Melanesian humans, language, knowledge and nature that is committed by the European, Asian and local criminal elites.
Melanesia… let’s raise and shine… ONE PEOPLE – ONE SOUL – ONE DESTINY.
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