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Waigani-Hanuabada Road To Open Soon

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The National – The New Koura Way Road Construction Located From Waigani To Hanuabada Will Be Completed And Opened On September 28.
September 12, 2017
The new Koura way road construction located from Waigani to Hanuabada will be completed and opened on September 28.
It is constructed by the China Harbor Engineering Company at a cost of K80 million and funded under a BSP Group loan.]
The 4.5 km four lane road links the Waigani traffic light to the Hanuabada bypass.
National Capital District Governor, Powes Parkop said the remaining section from the end of June Valley to Hanuabada bypass is currently in the process of acquisition.
“We plan to hand over the total length of 5 km to contractor in three stages.”
“Stage one: From Waigani Drive/Tokarara Junction to the start of June Valley: There are about minor encroachments by the nearby properties (38 in total) whereby about 25 fences, eight tucker shops and five semi-permanent sheds extended onto the road reserve.
NCDC carried out awareness and were issued with the two weeks’ notice of “unauthorised use of land” last week and the “demolition notices” this week. This stage does not involve any major demolition. Fences will be pushed back to their respective property boundaries starting from next week and is expected complete in one week.”
Stage Two: From start of June Valley to end of June Valley: Currently we are carrying out identification survey. By the conclusion of this exercise, NCDC will start issuing notices in this section in the next two weeks. Depending upon the number and type of structures, the demolition exercise will be planned he said.
”Stage Three: From End of June Valley to Hanuabada Bypass: This does not involve any demolition exercise as they are mostly vacant land. This section will be gazetted in the next 4 to 5 months. The back end work such as Survey, Geo-tech investigations and design is happening now.”
Mr Parkop said those who are within the road corridor will have to move out. Survey pegging has been placed to identify the encroachments in stage one, and we will start the pegging on the remaining stages very soon.
“We may adopt variable width in June Valley if such could save permanent structures without compromising the road design.
“Currently we are doing awareness; and our site possession contractor is instructed to relocate the fences to the correct boundaries where residents cooperate with them,” he said.

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