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Activist: MSG can assist

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THE Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) has the capacity to resolve the issue regarding West Papua, says the United Liberation Movement for West Papua.
Movement chairman Benny Wenda was yesterday invited to speak at the MSG leaders’ summit in Port Moresby chaired by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.
“We too want to become a fully -fledged member of the MSG. We strongly believe the West Papua issue can be resolved in the Melanesian way,” Wenda said.
“This institution (MSG) has the capacity to resolve the West Papuan issue.”
Wenda told the meeting at the Stanley Hotel and Suites in Port Moresby that the movement was now a “fully-fledged organisation” with a chairman, vice-chairman, secretary, treasurer, judiciary and legislative arm.
“This upgrading is necessary in anticipation of becoming a responsible member of MSG,” he said.
O’Neill said the MSG Secretariat would be processing an application by West Papua for full membership under the new guidelines.
“There is a discussion ongoing. We tasked the secretariat to set up clear guidelines on the membership criteria for those wishing to join the MSG,” he said. “Core foundations and objectives of the group remain – that is, to represent the whole Melanesia in the region.”
O’Neill said membership levels needed a clear criteria such as the requirements of a full member, requirements of an associate member and requirements of an observer.

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