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APEC Study Centre to Host Conference to Inform and Influence Policies for APEC Economies

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With Papua New Guinea hosting APEC this year, the APEC Study Centre will be hosting a conference in the lead up to the APEC Leaders’ Summit.
The overall APEC 2018 theme is “Harnessing Inclusive Opportunities, Embracing Digital Future”.
The ASCCC will examine this theme, with a focus on an increasingly connected region.
According to PNG NRI Director, Dr Osborne Sanida, the ASCCC will focus on the four sub-themes of;

  1. Regional economic integration and connectivity
  2. Structural reform and competition
  3. Digitization, and
  4. Innovation and technology

Dr Sanida adds that the ASCCC aims to move away from being a traditional speaking conference, to one that will inform policies for Papua New Guinea as well as other APEC economies.
“Conference is not just for academics or for academia, but for policy, policy analysis and people who are technical… we have to make sure that this conference must contribute to infromed decision making.”
For the APEC Papua New Guinea Secretariat, outcomes from the ASCCC will be critical in steering the conversation in the lead-up to the APEC Leaders meeting in November.

APEC Secretariat Director General, Mr Lahui Ako adds that the ASCCC is also an opportunity for Papua New Guinea to learn from other APEC economies who have had similar experiences.

“We are hoping that Dr Sanida will convene a number of bilateral engagements of these colleagues to look at issues of a mutual benefit arrangements to go forward beyond 2018.” Mr Ako said.

Source; http://www.emtv.com.pg/

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