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Salwai Government celebrates two-year anniversary

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Vanuatu’s prime minister, Charlot Salwai, says the people of West Papua must be allowed the right to self-determination. Photograph: Eduardo Munoz/Reuters

The Prime Minister and government ministers cut a cake to mark their two years in government.

The Prime Minister and government ministers cut a cake to mark their two years in government.

THE Vanuatu Government under the leadership of Prime Minister Charlot Salwai has celebrated two years in power.
In his official remarks on the occasion, Mr Salwai said it was not an easy task to ensure the government was stable throughout these two years despite political challenges.
He thanked the political leaders of the government, the backbenchers of the government and the Parliamentary Secretaries for their strong commitment and hard work towards the government.
Mr Salwai also thanked the church leaders, political parties’ supporters and the chiefs for their prayers and moral support to ensure that this government was stable throughout its term so far.
Mr Salwai outlined many developments that his government has achieved in these two years.
One was that the GDP has continued to grow because of the stable government and the economy continues to grow.
He said the TC Pam recovery works have gone well and the government has supported the productive sector with an agritourism policy to link the works of agriculture with the increased demand of tourists. He said the government has maintained the support to infrastructure development.
“The government has agreed and signed on some foreign policies, for instance the signing of the Pacer Plus agreement. The government has ensured that in the Government Remuneration Tribunal, there is some increase on civil servants’ salaries but it needed to review those who have been affected.”
He said the private sector has grown with more businesses setting up. And the international flights are still full and the number of tourists by air continues to grow.
Mr Salwai said some of these developments will continue this year.
“These achievements have happened only because of the good cooperation from everyone for us to work together as a government by the people and for the people,” he said.
Meanwhile the heads of the different political parties that formed this current government congratulated Mr Salwai on his good leadership in these two years and for a stable government.
Mr Salwai has become the longest serving Prime Minister since Ham Lini, who served between December 11, 2004 and September 22, 2008.
Source: https://vanuatuindependent.com/

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