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Global anti-terror fight sought

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Global anti-terror fight sought

By HELEN TARAWA, https://www.thenational.com.pg/

PAPUA New Guinea may not be at risk to terrorism but the global phenomenon cannot be tackled by one country alone, Apec counter-terrorism working group (CTWG) chairman James Nachipo says.
Nachipo told The National yesterday at the end of the Apec senior officials’ CTWG meeting in Port Moresby that he welcomed PNG’s participation and acknowledged its contribution to global efforts to counter terrorism.
“The threat or risk of terrorism to PNG is low which is right to say,” Nachipo said.
“However, terrorism by its nature is a global phenomenon, it’s a transnational crime.
“When you look at the victims of terrorism, it is very indiscriminate so anyone can be a victim of terrorism anywhere in the world when there are terrorist attacks.
“So it is important that as many countries as possible are engaged in collective efforts to counter terrorism.”
Nachipo said CTWG had a number of activities in its work plan this year.
He said the United States would in April host a workshop in Tokyo, Japan, on protecting soft targets.
“This covers places of mass gatherings such as sporting events to ensure they have got effective security against potential terrorist attack,” Nachipo said.

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