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Pentecost chiefs want compensation for Lonorore Airport

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The chiefs from Pentecost wants the government to compensate them for Lonorore Airport before they could offer land to volcano affected families from their neighbor island, Ambae.
Chiefs from all over Ambae were on Pentecost and Maewo recently to negotiate land for their people affected by volcanic ash.
They were acting on a resolution passed by the Council of Ministers (COM) for the government to secure a permanent place for the victims before end of May this year.
he Penama Provincial Government Council (PPGC) is leading the negotiation process.
The Director General (DG) of the Ministry of Climate Change and Natural Disaster, Jesse Benjamin, who accompanied the chiefs from Ambae with government and provincial officials on their mission said they were well received by the chiefs on Maewo.
On Pentecost, they performed custom to chiefs in central and south.
Through the custom ceremonies on each island, the chiefs from Ambae have indicated to their colleague chiefs they need help to rescue them and their people away from the threatening volcano.
The chiefs on Pentecost were not clear as to whether they will provide land to support evacuation plans, said DG Benjamin.
“They said they need to reconsider their decision.
“They want the government to settle the compensation for Lonorore Airport before they can offer land to the volcano victims”
Lonorore Airport is located in southwest Pentecost.
Source: The Vanuatu Daily Post, By Anita Roberts

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