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Six killed in Enga tribal fight

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SIX people have been killed in a fight between two tribes near Wabag town in Enga, police say.
Provincial police commander acting Superintendent George Kakas said the fight was between the Kala tribe of Amala village and Kii tribe of Teremanda village. It happened on Sunday over a disputed piece of land.
Three from each side died while others were treated for injuries.
He said yesterday the fighting was continuing and he was waiting for police reinforcement before moving into the area to stop it.
Kakas said Wabag police were forced back by the tribesmen when they tried to enter the area.
“I am waiting for Mobile Squad 11 in Tari and a platoon of soldiers to come before we move in to stop the fight,” he said.
Kakas said people travelling between Wabag and Porgera were also assaulted at roadblocks.
He said the situation was tense and police with the help of local leaders, peace and good order committee members were trying their best to stop the fighting.
Kakas said the same people had fought after the declaration of the Kandep Open seat in last year’s general election.
“What has happened in the past is gone and I appeal to the leaders of the two warring tribes to discourage their people from taking up arms,” he said.

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