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Reshuffle to deal with Mendi issue

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Reshuffle to deal with Mendi issue
Reshuffle to deal with Mendi issue

Reshuffle to deal with Mendi issue

A number of police officers have been forced to make way and others have been transferred in the aftermath of the Mendi unrest.
In key actions:

  • Chief Superintendent Joseph Tondop’s appointment as the Southern Highlands commander has been revoked, he will stay unattached;
  • Chief Inspector Gideon Kauke, the station commander Mendi, takes over from Tondop as acting Southern Highlands commander;
  • Assistant commissioner Kaiglo Ambane, the Highlands western end commander, is now commander Southern;
  • Assistant commissioner Anton Billie, the divisional commander for New Guinea Islands, is now commander Highlands western end; and,
  • Chief Superintendent Paul Kamuai is now the acting commander New Guinea Islands.

“As you would have gathered, the Government has declared a State of Emergency in the troubled Southern Highlands. I am making the internal transfer directives as the acting Commissioner of Police so that the Southern Highlands issue can be effectively addressed,” Acting Police Commissioner Jim Andrews said.
In another transfer, assistant commissioner Allan Kundi is to assist the police commissioner.
Andrews said the changes would take effect immediately.
“In the transition period, I have appointed assistant commissioner, operations, David Manning to take charge of all police operations in Southern Highlands.
He will be assisted by assistant commissioner Sylvester Kalaut, acting assistant commissioner, crimes. Hodges Ette and a team of detectives and acting director special services division Superintendent Julius Tasion.
“They will remain in the province until assistant commissioner Billie takes up his post,” Andrews said.
He said two police mobile squads totalling almost 70 police personnel were in Southern Highlands along with a contingent of PNG Defence Force soldiers.
Andrews said another two mobile squads were on standby.

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