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New Caledonia’s Goa determined on sovereignty

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The pro-independence Caledonian Union says it will discuss the territory’s sovereignty directly with the French state, should the path of the referendum fail to give Kanaks independence.

In a weekend speech to the party leadership, its president Daniel Goa restated that in case of a rejection of independence next month, his side would invoke a second and possibly a third referendum as possible under the Noumea Accord.

Polls suggest a massive rejection of independence.

Mr Goa said those opposed to independence were now being offered the opportunity to build a new country with the indigenous Kanaks.

He said the main goal now was to create a Caledonian people.

Mr Goa said society had to change to save the Kanak identity, adding that 26,000 young Kanaks had fallen out of the system and 80,000 Kanaks were without income.

He said the anti-independence political rivals were selling off New Caledonians and turning locals into minions of neo-colonialism.

Mr Goa said people had left France, and once in New Caledonia they wanted to be French but didn’t want to go back home.

He said France had to recognise that its presence in New Caledonia made no sense because it is the result of a brutal seizure.

Daniel Goa addesses Caledonian Union

Daniel Goa addesses Caledonian Union Photo: FB Union caledonienne

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