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PM: SI will speak for Taiwan

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The Taiwanese Ambassador Rodger Luo making a toast to mark the 'Double Ten' celebations in Honiara.

PRIME Minister Rick Hou says that Solomon Islands will continue to speak for Taiwan in the international community.

Mr Hou made the remarks during a dinner to mark 107th national day of Republic of China (Taiwan) at the Alvaro de Mendana hotel on Tuesday night.

“Solomon Islands will continue to advocate and support for ROC/Taiwan to expand its international space and contribute to the world community by speaking out for Taiwan’s interests on the international stage,” PM Hou said.

He added that over the past years Solomon Islands has continued to support Taiwan’s participation in the United Nations and its affiliated specialized agencies, such as the World Health Organisation, UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, and International Civil Aviation Organisation.

Prime Minister Hou said that he is very optimistic about the positive direction, which Solomon Islands – ROC/Taiwan bilateral relations is heading.

“This is manifested by the increasing number of high–level visits made by government representatives of both the Solomon Islands and ROC/Taiwan in each other’s respective capitals,” he added.

He added that in May of this year he made a state visit to ROC/Taiwan during which he had very fruitful and in-depth discussions with his counterpart Madam President Wen on various bilateral engagements.

“These visits made between both our countries representatives is a reflection of the value placed on our relationship,” he said.

Mr Hou said that it is his wish that the ever expanding bilateral relation is one filled with blessings and durable friendship and prosperity.

“Your Excellency, the people of Solomon Islands are very appreciative of the much benevolence of Grant and technical assistance, and expertise your country has graciously provided to us.  “During some of our darkest times, the Republic of China (Taiwan) has always remained steadfast and firm with Solomon Islands.  And for that, we are truly grateful to your country and your people,”

he said.

Taiwan ambassador Roger Luo said that his government will continue to work stronger with Solomon Islands.

“My Government vows to work even closer with SIG in order to advance the livelihood of Solomon Islanders. We are confident that our bilateral relations will remain robust and continue to grow from strength to strength,” he added.


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