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Chairman ULMWP Benny Wenda speech West Papuan To Be Unite

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Benny Wenda, Spokesperson of the ULMWP, Secretary-General of DeMMAK

VANUATU – West Papuan Independent Leader and chairman of ULMWP, Benny Wenda Give speech after elected as chairman ULMWP replaced former ULMWP chairman Otto Motte.

Benny Wenda message to the people of West Papua, imigran who was born in West Papua, including people who are working in public services in entire West Papua to come together and unite against our one common enemy which Indonesia government. It is time to unite and stop the gossip among our self on the media, social media, and divide between us, but how to we are focusing our attention of Indonesia colonial strategy to destroy our struggle.

Our enemy is Indonesia. Our enemy will laughing at us, when we are dividing our unity. We should stop dance, while our people are suffering. We carry our people bounds who was dying, simply fight for our mother land.

We cannot fight our own. Therefore, we need everyone support, if you are West Papuan, Indonesian citizens, International supporter, European, South American Latin contenan, Australian, African, Asians, Russian who are simpatice for West Papuan struggle to stand solidarity with West Papua.

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