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Taro tasting attracts many in Solomon Islands

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Locals tasted the local taros.

A GOOD number of people have flooded the Taiwan Technical Mission (TTM) stall to taste a variety of local taros displayed during the world food day celebrate at Townground in Honiara this week.

These local taros were planted at the TTM farm opposite King George Sixth School in East Honiara.

“These local taros are awesome,” one local who tasted it told the Solomon Star at the venue.

“I came to town many years ago and miss this food for a long time and it is awesome that I have to opportunity to taste what I love eating during my childhood days,” he said.

Another man from Temotu thanked TTM for growing the taro at their farm.

Dr Li Chia-Yu, the only female specialist of Root Crop Improvement Project of Taiwan Technical Mission (TTM) said that they were happy to join the World Food Day celebration this week.

“We are happy that local people come here to taste the local taro we planted at the TTM farm,” she said.

Dr Li said that the idea is they will prepare the local taro at TTM farm and distribute them to local farmers who want them.

There are current seven taro varieties (Colocasia esculenta) being grown at the farm. Three varieties coming from SPC (Secretariat of the Pacific Community) are IND14, SM218 and PNG06; three coming from Makira are Nori, Arosi and Taoritowa; one coming from Temotu is HEU.

During the day the roasted taro being prepared were PNG06 (purple flesh) and SM218 (yellow flesh).

By LESLEY SANGA, Source: http://www.solomonstarnews.com/

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