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A Prisoner on Behalf of Maikel Ilintamon Was Beaten by Abe Prison Officers Until He Died

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Maikel Ilintamon (25), who was beaten by Abepura (Abe) Class IIA Lapas (LP) officers, Jayapura, Papua (24/04).
Maikel Ilintamon (25), who was beaten by Abepura (Abe) Class IIA Lapas (LP) officers, Jayapura, Papua (24/04).

Jayapura – Narapidana (Napi) on behalf of Maikel Ilintamon (25) was beaten by Abepura (Abe) Class IIA Lapas (LP) officers until they were battered and killed in prison. This was known to the media after receiving a report directly from one of the inmates in Abe prison in Jumaat (04/26/2019), Jayapura, Papua.

Chronology and Current Conditions

Initially Maikel Ilintamon and 9 other people wanted to escape from Abe prison, however, he was arrested by Lapas Abe security officers, and then Maikel was dragged into a room in the prison, then he was beaten to death.

Before being beaten, Maikel Ilintamon and several other friends were handcuffed by the Abe LP security guards and then they were beaten using barrel shoes, dead rubber (tonfa sticks), 5 x 5 cm pieces of wood, upstream until they were stunned using electric voltage which later resulted in Maikel Ilintamon being killed dead on Wednesday, April 24, 2019.

9 other prisoners suffered bleeding until now their condition was critical in Abepura (Abe) Class IIA Prison (LP). They are detained, each person is placed in each room [individually], in a room measuring 2 x 2 m. In the small room, each of them was tortured, making it difficult to get fresh air and breathe because the room was too small and narrow.

After the prisoner on behalf of Maikel Ilintamon was beaten to death, four hours later Lapas security forces told the media, Maikel was killed by residents. The [chronological] event that was deliberately being covered up and the Abe Lapas party was trying to obscure this incident, so as not to be suspected and known by the families of victims and humanitarian agencies.

Information received by the media directly from Abepura prison by a witness in one prisoner confirmed that Abe Lapas was trying to cover up this incident, the family and the public needed to know this. The prisoner continued, the officers serving in Abepura (Abe) Class IIA Prison (LP) were all incorrect. There is no guidance and service carried out by all Lapas officers without respecting human values.

It was said, there were indications that the security of Lapas Abe had paid the local media to hide the death of Maikel Ilintamon by reporting that was not in accordance with the actual events [HOAX]. The news in the media that, Maikel Ilintamon was killed in the attack was only an engineering that was made, after being brutally carried out by Lapas officers resulted in the death of Maikel.

By law, acts of violence against prisoners by Lapas security forces were killed, this could be categorized as a criminal act. It makes sense if the steps that can be taken against the prisoners who want to escape are harmed, but the prison officers are very sensitive.

Prisoners who are in critical condition are currently pleading to confirm to their families, but in the meantime, for family visits of 9 critical prisoners this is limited to 3 weeks.

The victim’s family can prosecute the perpetrators [Abe Lapas officers] to be legally processed.

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