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A peaceful prosperous future await us if we overcome fear!

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Today was a milestone for the campaign for Free West Papua. Accompanying the Chairman of the United Liberation Movement for West Papua Mr Benny Wenda we meet with Prime Minister Hon. Manaseh Sogovare of the Solomons and the Opposition leader Hon. Mathew Wale.

Both leaders are strong advocates of the plight of our people of West Papua and the for the campaign for Free Papua. We come away hearten by their conviction and sympathy for our people of West Papua.

We left them with a message and plea to be courageous, brave and fearless!

Fear has been the basis of policies of all the countries for the last 57 years including Indonesia and this policy has failed to solve the crisis in West Papua nor has it improve the lives of our people. It’s a failed policy!

When we overcome fear, be courageous and fearless we will secure a more peaceful and prosperous future that will benefit our region including Indonesia.

Tonight we meet with all the Activist from the West Papua Solidarity network; Wansolwara network for West Papua and civil society leaders and activist. We both feel inspired and confident that the campaign for Free West Papua will reach a tipping point soon.

We salute you all our people of the Solomons!

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