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Exposing the Stupidity of Indonesian Netizen on West Papua

by melanin
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Finally this video is done. Certainly we all heard in this week, many news regarding Indonesian diplomat, who is still very young, and was very angry to a nation-state that defends West Papua that asked about human rights situations over there.

This is. Disclaimer, this is my personal opinion,

You can listen, you can choose not to,

First off all, perhaps the madam diplomat, as a diplomat you have the right to do as you did, defending your country.

A second thing I want to point out is that the person who expressed concerned over human rights situation in West Papua is the person at the highest position in his country. Whereas this madam diplomat is very junior, perhaps still lower level official, low rank diplomat.

I am convinced that madam diplomat is not equal to argue or speak against the number one person from a country. I just don’t believe this kind of thing can happen in global diplomatic relations, where a top level official is attacked by a very junior diplomat. A president from a country visiting and is saluted by someone from low ranking government.

Those kinds of things are assessed by global community in our diplomatic relations. I can see that Indonesia is underling this issue.

Thirdly, beside the choice of words are not elegant, her attitudes show you are denying the truth that there are violations of human rights in Indonesia. I know that’s not the point, you blame Vanuatu for interfering into internal affairs of Indonesia. However, human rights is not a small issue. Human rights is a universal issue. Even Indonesians are not that innocent about human rights and we do interfere into other countries.

When we went to Timor Leste, we were like that, the government of Indonesia was like that.

The easiest thing we do. We are clever commenting on Palestine and Israel. This is the same thing right, yes they are the same.

The next problem that makes me feel wrong is that I feel those of us who have attention, support for West Papua should now stop asking, “Are you from West Papua, did you live there? Are you in West Papua now?” and such. These are very shallow questions in response to this big issue of human rights violations, that are already flooding us in media.

We must think of factual things to defend and to speak up. One of the problems I found in West Papua is the information dissemination into and from West Papua is not easy, and not much coming out or going in there. There seems to be selective disinformation happening.

Those who do not have links and relations like myself, will not know a lot about West Papua. What will they know about West Papua? Pay attention to this.

Our narration is yes look, now President of Indonesia is building massive infrastructure in West Papua, not the same as previous presidents. This is the classic narrative that we say here in Indonesia. Because we are only told about Jokowi’s bridges and roads, about cement factory built there.

That’s it.

Even though there are many things truly and really happening in West Papua right now.

When it comes to riots, the news always spread about how many Indonesians were killed or injured, how many police or military personnel were killed or injured. However when it comes to West Papuan victims, we hardly hear anything, and if it is aired then it will be burred very soon after that.

For example, I am very-very sure that so many people do not know so many refugees from Nduga are now scattered in the jungles, without home and food. The same thing with the fate of a pastor who was killed by the Indonesian armed forces. Even we never knew teenager were killed towards Christmas day in West Papua. I believe not so many people know these stories.

Let us confess that we have been shutting the mouth of the Papuans to speak the truth, to tell the stories, their stories. They never got any chance to tell stories of what actually happens in their lands.

So, it is absolutely right, fair to find allies around the world, including asking Vanuatu to speak on their behalf so that the outside world can hear and know about what is really happening to us in West Papua. Because we in Indonesia never give any opportunity, stage, platform, microphone, light, media for them to speak.

This is very basic logic, when you shut my mouth, I will find others to speak for me. That is very simple and very logical, according to me.

You are defending Palestine, but you are not Palestinians, right? So just the same. Israeli are violation human rights of the Palestinians, so you speak up for them. Do you have right to do that? To interfere into the domestic affairs of the Israeli government?

Just in the same way, Vanuatu is doing just the same towards West Papua. Do you get it or not?

Furthermore, things that make me want to vomit is reading comments on the Instagram of the government of Vanuatu. Oh my God. Coming from a bunch of people who are fully supporting the Palestinians and attacking Israel. Do you know or not? You are doing the same thing. West Papua is just like Palestine that you defend.

They feel colonized, by people, by us. They feel oppressed, the same as you can see happening in Palestine.

Vanuatu is the same as you, you are defending Palestinians, just like Vanuatu is doing for her own people. If you do not understand, then I am finding it hard how to explain it to you.

If you do not understand, then, I do not know how can I explain this logic anymore.

You are mocking children, women and people of Vanuatu?

So, it is coming from you, who blindly make hashtag of #savePalestine, Please. You guys look so stupid, you are supporting one and ignoring the other in your own country. You look so stupid, you come to Vanuatu’s Instagram and condemn and look down to Vanuatu. You speak against culture, people and custom. Do you know? Why Vanuatu supporting West Papuan?

It is because they know they are one human race! At the time you mock Vanuatu who are 11/12 the same, you are expressing mockery on the same people. Melanesians in West Papua are reading how you see Melanesians, how you treat Melanesians, what you call Melanesians.

You speak up say West Papua belongs to Indonesia, just like a small kid who does not want to loose his/ her toy and speak up angrily to those who are potential to take the toy away.

That is all you are doing, not more, not mature enough as human being.

Have you ever heard?

  • What they really want?
  • What do they really experience?

Do not come for me regarding Palestine! I have attempted seven times to register and go to Gaza as volunteer because I was sick. Seven times, even once with my own money, but I failed. So do not come back to me regarding Palestine.

You should not speak anything against Vanuatu because you are already interfering into Israel’s territorial integrity. You are basically doing the same thing. But they are a little bit cleverer because they use legitimate and elegant path in defending West Papua, according to the International Laws.

They find witnesses, real one, not just write status on facebook, liking or disliking in social media. That’s it.

So, guys, please do not shame Indonesia before the international community, as if we are holy country, as if we never committed any wrong-doings at all,

And the most important one. Oh my God.

Do not ever think that there has never been anything happened in West Papua, that there is no human rights violations in West Papua, that there has been no human beings die in West Papua. Because if you think like that, then you are not well-informed about West Papua.

Perhaps you contact me, and I will connect you to friends who have experienced these, and some people that can give you correct information on West Papua.

Finally, we have social justice for all Indonesians, but this does not exist in West Papua, why?

One example, Indonesian students who speak against the government, against the president, then the heaviest punishment is being dropped-out from the university. But when the same thing is done by a West Papua student, then the threat is at least 10 years imprisonment.

What is the proof?

Blow your fan!

Hopefully this opens up you heart’s eyes see the real things happening.

If you ask me “Are you Indonesian?” Yes I am Indonesia. “Do you love Indonesia?” Yes, I Love Indonesia, but I don’t love injustice!

That is why. For me, Indonesia still has the chance to become a big nation, but also at the same time, become a civilized nation, that treats human beings as humans.

That is all. That is enough. Those stupid netizen who mock and speak against human beings and humanity, I do not know what is the cure.

Melanesia.News Comments

Brilliant! This Indonesian human being is blaming Indonesian netizen how stupid they are towards West Papua issue. While they are supporting Palestinians against Israeli territory, they are attacking Vanuatu for speaking up against human rights violations. They act as if there has never been any human rights violations in West Papua. She says she loves Indonesia, She is an Indonesian lady, she is proud to be an Indonesian, but she is proud to be human, who love peace and justice that human rights is above nationalism.She support Palestinians to gain independence and she applied so many times to get to the Middle east to support them, one time with her own money, Those who are supporting Palestinians and blaming Vanuatu for supporting West Papua are should learn that they are just the same as Vanuatu.Ni-Vanuatu are supporting West Papua because they are the same race.She also says, West Papuans must seek for support to their fellow Melanesians as there is hope for help within narrow-minded Indonesians

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