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Former Chief Justice on the Recalling of Parliament

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This morning’s reconvening of Parliament has been described by the country’s former Chief Justice as in order.

Sir Arnold Amet said Parliament Speaker Job Pomat’s announcement yesterday to recall Parliament was simply advising MPs that Parliament is still in the Budget session to continue today, as scheduled.

Sir Arnold told NBC News that this is not an occasion requiring the Governor-General to recall Parliament.

Speaker Pomat said Opposition Leader, Belden Namah is not a Minister, therefore, he could not move such a motion to adjourn Parliament last Friday.

The Speaker pointed out clearly that Under the Organic Law and the Standing Orders, only a Minister could move such a motion to adjourn Parliament and also propose a date and time for the next meeting.

The adjournment was deemed unconstitutional and Parliament reconvened this morning with normal business, including the Budget presentation.

NBC News– Lyanne Togiba

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