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James Donald: I never voted for Prime Minister Hon. James Marape.

by melanin
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Papua New Guineans who watched on the day we voted to change government in 2019 would recall I didn’t vote for James Marape, Member for Tari Pori. I seconded the nomination for Sir Mekere Morauta as a PM candidate and it was only seven of us who voted for Sir Mekere Morauta with majority for James Marape.

Marape in my honest view was no difference to Peter Oniel under PNC banner. Marape was PO’s right hand man who did everything under the sun and equally was responsible for our country’s damage when they ruled within 8 years. The first thing that Marape did when he took office was color coded himself with a good Christian principles to attract the public perception as getting attention of praise from all citizens. After he has managed the public perception then played around with the key government institutions and with the habit trying to maneuver his cabinet as a result there was a huge fall out of cabinet members recently. A question to ask why is it that the huge number of cabinet Ministers have defected to opposition? Some of these Ministers are members of the Pangu Party. They have their own reasoning why they defected. In my culture if such thing happens means something is wrong with me as head of the family. They are Ministers in the cabinet while me as a back bencher I have my own reasoning as well.

I moved simply to add my number to move a vote of no confidence against the current Prime Minister and put a pause on the continuing digging deeper the hole that Treasurer Hon. Ian Lingstucky always refers to. I didn’t move to join a Belden Namah neither Peter O’niel. Should anyone in the opposition have an excess baggage or legacy issues well that’s their problem and let the law deal with them.

The hole was dug that time by O’niel together with Marape and now it’s getting deeper than you imagined. The hole continues to be dug deeper and deeper every day by the guy who was part of the previous regime. This is because, he well understudied all through. Everyone thought this government would be any different but it continues to repeat the same habit it inherited.

Some national, provincial and district issues which I am not content with that made me to move are;

  • Comparing the debt incurred in 3 years period while in office for a one parliament term (KM)
  • total PNG Debt accumulated 1975-2012 is K8.35Billion
  • NA government (2002-04) is K200 Million
  • PNC government (2012-14) is K6.305Billion
  • Pangu government (2019 -21) will be K12.797Billion.
  • Comparing the borrowings which government has done more borrowing creating huge debt just by comparing the 3 year period.
  • First mistake by this government is that it is borrowing to repay the previous debts or loan. Is it a right thing to do in any business practice? In my view it will not make any difference when you go around the circle chasing your own tail.
  • Secondly, this government is announcing that the loans are interest free. Where on earth will lender give you interest free. It’s illogical in any lending terms. There will be some terms and conditions attached.
  • All this borrowing was spent only on paying goods and services. Nothing to show for on the ground and we didn’t invest on any project that will have economic returns on investment. Many cronies and few smart thieves have become overnight millionaires in the short space of 18 months.
  • Paying their own tribes men and cronies with hefty contracts. Few electorates under this government got more infrastructure projects while others are not. For instance one electorate got close to half a billion kina infrastructure projects and one province gets NEC approval for close to K300M hospital project.These electorates and Provinces has got nothing to offer and contribute to the nation’s purse and yet the poor resource rich Districts or Provinces become bystanders. Where is the fair distribution of nation’s wealth.
  • Many commitments done during the last 18 months throughout the country and yet we waiting those commitments. My electorate was the first District out of 89 Districts this government visited after its formation and infront of my people, amongst many commitments was K20M for Kiunga – Nomad road. Not one single toea has been made available after I wrote 3 follow up letters on all the commitments. Other colleague MPs where this government visited their Districts through out the country too are still waiting. Many commitments done for Western Province including our Provincial head quarter Daru which is currently facing huge problems with no power, no water, and fast deteriorating infrastructures beyond repair. My other three colleague provincial leaders (Governor, SF MP, MF MP) are in the ruling Pangu Party for which I look across at them to fight hard for our Province and yet we are still treated minority or overlooked. Are the three colleagues insignificant and can’t be heard in the ruling party or are their mouths shut with something else. In the last 9th Parliament, all three MPs (Boka Kondra, Roy Biyama, Late Aida Ganasi) were in the ruling PNC government and yet not much prominence was given as in today it repeats.

To me this is a complete insult to the people of Western Province. When can a government that will equally respect and give prominence to the people of Western Province for we stand to be proud that we’ve equally shouldered this country all through while sacrificing ourselves and the damage done which is unbearable with our environment and livelihood. Are we being overlooked because of our softness or humbleness.

  • On record, the Covid funding that this government borrowed to assist fight the Pandemic, my electorate received only K900,000 as of todate. The announcement of K2.5M to each Districts is totally not true for us. The expenditure on covid programs so far in my electorate are funds from internal revenue and DSIP/PSIP. The Covid 19 funds have made many people become millionaires overnight in this country. As of todate the government fails not to acquit the borrowed C19 funds. Covid 19 Pandemic Act 2020 which in my view was the conduit crafted to make people become millionaires overnight.
  • Few of the Western Province PIP projects are mere only money plan items and as of todate no single toea for those PIP project have materialized. They tell us warrants are released but actual cash transfers are never done.
  • All the OTML tax credit scheme funds are focused on other District and Province projects when it should be rightly considered for Western Province programs. Some non Western Province districts and Provinces are taking advantage of such programs using our resources and heaven shake why would we be continued to be undermined and used as a ginni pigs. For instance, the current Tabubil Teleformin road project is funded under OTML tax credit scheme and the contractor doing the road is owned by Prime Minister James Marape. When did a Western Province contractor get a contract in Hela or elsewhere in PNG. Not only that, the recent NEC decision that Telefomin is included in the OTML arrangement to be given K20M every year. Ontop of that other Province’s programs are funded from our funds.
  • P’nyang with other Oil & Gas projects in Western Province were nearly to be progressed without due process and reaching maximum gain for our people. Many times we protested against the government until recently few concerns are heard but still looking gloomy as no concrete agreement has been reached.
  • Many outstanding issues in Western Province needed the National government’s intervention such as ongoing thieving of Western Province people’s trust funds both CMCA and Non CMCA funds. Much stealing has been going on and on. I try to raise and fight for these monies and yet the government is seen to have been compromising with these thieves and continue to suppress and undermine. Recently I became the victim of this fight when I got arrested for exposing the stealing which I was asking for my people’s rightful money meant for development kept under one of the trust accounts. I laid complaints to relevant authorities and many times asked help from the PM to give directions yet there seems no care by this government to shield for protections and security of the funds.
  • This government arranged and approved a contract to a Hongkong based investor company to do sand dredging at the mouth of our Fly river and export the sand to Hongkong. The deal was done without the knowledge of us Provincial leaders. It was highly suspicious for this dredging project and todate the government has not come clear about this arrangement. It was like pushing a hard banana into a baby’s mouth. It is revealed that the investor is the Hongkong Duck farmer billionaire who flew into our country during the C19 lockdown period bringing few boxes of PPE.
  • The recent cocaine spill that happened in our country is never seriously investigated. I believe it’s highly compromised under the watch of this government.
  • Lastly is corruption. I was looking upon this government to do some very radical decisions such as taking head on fighting criminal investigations.Yet as of todate, we see nothing happening. We wanted to fight corruption head on as few of us have been advocating but it seems they have compromised on many outstanding issues at hand. The whole house recently passed the ICAC bill unopposed which is something that we all agreed to do but the question is we didn’t even make one fight of corruption as that would demonstrate that our ICAC bill would be implemented effectively soon. We were supposed to put two feets down giving all the teeth to our existing institutions such as Police, OC, Fraud squad, CID and others. These institutions are highly politicized and big time compromised.

I sit in the middle bench and report to no one. Both sides are equally to be blamed as the current opposition team has many legacy issues also. So while sitting in the middle bench and watched the last 18 months, seriously there is not much difference. The current government continues to do the same thing. The rigging in the pretext of doing good is worse. My job right now is to assist stop the rigging from continuing and avoid the hole being dug deeper and deeper. I am equally responsible for the 8million people of this country and so I wouldn’t be a sitting duck pretending everything is okay.

For me I am one person who would want to see a government that must govern our country with an iron feast. A government that is very tough, no marking around, rule with might and authority. In doing so, it will bring confidence to our people, our stakeholders, business, and give investor’s confidence in our country.

The current government’s weakness is that it has compromised into its approach against all corruptions that eats into the born marrow of our nation.

  • An insanity by this government doing the same old things repeatedly expecting a different outcome.
  • This government instead of playing blame game it should have prove itself giving hope to the nation how to recover from the damage and salvage us out of the deep hole. It was not providing solutions but rather was going on borrowing and spending speed while passing the buck onto previous regime.

In order for this country PNG to move forward we require are government that will seriously do the following six things;

  1. Meritocracy – getting the right people to do the right job. Not forever practising nepotism, putting haus man, wantok, tribesmen and so on. This country doesn’t belong to one tribe or ethnic group, region or so on. A system that provides citizen with equal opportunities to progress, and for a person’s contributions to be recognized and appreciated on the basis of merit.
  2. Pragmatism – getting the job done with strong focus and commitment on a set course. Too much doing things on adhoc basis not thinking country without focusing to achieving vision 2050 as our country’s road map. We got exactly 30 more years to go (2020 -2050). Sometimes we must think out of the box instead of repeating doing the same thing over and over.
  3. Honesty – when governing, rule with might and authority that is really seen and felted across the country with having cross cutting measures serving with honesty. No fear or favor but purely for the love of the entire country. Remain clean, incorruptible, above board and transparent, and lead with integrity.
  4. Multiracial – Papua New Guinea that belongs equally to all citizens, where every individual, regardless of race, language, and religion is assured of justice and fairness.
  5. Decisive – The government that has the ability to make swift and bold decisions even in the absence of complete information. Not waiting to get information until when the opportunities are gone and we regret.
  6. Reliable – Fulfilling on promises. Say it and do it same time.

My voters of North Fly Electorate, it is because of all these reasonings, I moved to the Opposition since Friday 13th November, 2020 and so will be in the Opposition until I go into election. Sitting in the Opposition bench does no harm to me because I entered first day into parliament being in the Opposition and set there for the last two and half year from 2017 -2019.

Yumi mas wokim wok stret!

Dibi Dihi


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