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Leaked Information says Hon. Benny Wenda is the President of the Provisional Government of West Papua

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Melanesia.News received a leaked information from the inner circle of the United Liberation Movement of West Papua (ULMWP) that says in Malay language as follows:

Original in Malay-Indo: Menetapkan: tuan Benny Wenda sebagai Presiden, tuan Rev. Edison Waromi, S.H sebagai Perdana Menteri (PM), dan tuan Buchtar Tabuni sebagai ketua Dewan West Papua (West Papua Council).

Translation: Appoint Hon. Benny Wenda as the President, Rev. Edison Waromi, S.H as the Prime Minister and Mr. Buchtar Tabuni as the Chair of West Papua Council or the West Papua Parliament.

The information gathered by Melanesia.News says the inner-circle of the ULMWP is already preparing to announce the provisional government based on the Provisional Constitution of the Republic of West Papua which has been endorsed by the Legislative Committee of the ULMWP (18 October 2020).

It says the Bylaws of the ULMP is now called the Provisional Constitution of ULMWP (West Papua). It also orders the Executive Committee of the to form a Provisional Government of the Republic of West Papua as soon as possible. The minute of the meeting also says the ULMWP Executive Committee to announce the Provisional Government and the cabinet.

Melanesia.News believes that the ULMWP is upgrading its organisational and legal status from an international organisation, or a political umbrella organisation that campaigns for a free and independent West Papua into a democratic Provisional Government of the Republic of West Papua.

Melanesia.News understands that the ULMWP President elect, Hon. Benny Wenda, will soon announce the constitution to the public. At the same time, it appears from the leaked information from inner circle of the ULMWP that the President of the Republic of West Papua will also announce his cabinet and ministers to run the government until West Papua gain recognition and support from Melanesians in West Papua, Melanesians across the South Pacific and other countries in the world.

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