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42 Nations and Regions to be Free from Indonesian colonial EMpire

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What is called Indonesian country or nation-state now has 42 nations and regions that are ready to separate and become free and independent nations and countries from Idonesian colonial empire.

An Indonesian author, Djuyoto Suntani, says since 2015 Indonesia will begin to dismantle, and Balkanization of Indonesia is real.

Suntani says there are five characteristics that determine these 42 countries in the future
1. The same ethincity
2. Bisnis/ Economic ties
3. The same cultural ties.
4. Ideological links
5. Religious affiliations

He says in his book:
“Seperti kita ketahui, semua yang terjadi di alam ini mengikuti suatu siklus tertentu. Eksistensi suatu bangsa dan negara juga termasuk dalam suatu siklus yang berjalan sesuai dengan ketentuan hukum alam.
[Meaning: as we know it, everything happens in cyclus. The existence of a nation-state also occur cyclical, according to the laws of nature]

He also gives examples of previous kingdoms withing what is now known as Indonesia has risen and fallen.

1 Naggroe Atjeh Darrusallam : Banda Atjeh

15 Kalimantan Barat : Pontianak Merdeka

29 Kesultanan Riau Lingga

2 Republik West Papua

16 Bali Merdeka

30 Sulawesi Merdeka

3 Sumatra Utara : Medan

17 Bendera kesultanan Banten Merdeka

31 Republik Riau Merdeka

4 Jamar (Jawa Madura) : Surakarta

18 Bendera Kesultanan Asahan Merdeka

32 Gerakan Sulawesi Merdeka

5 Jawa Tengah :Kerajaan Mataram

19 Bendera Kesultanan Pagaruyung Merdeka

33 Gerakan Pemberontakan Aceh 1953

6 Yogyakarta: Kraton

20 Bendera Sumatera Timur

34 Gerakan  Sulawesi 1959

7 Kalimantan Timur : Samarinda

21 Bendera Sumatera Selatan Merdeka

35 Pemberontakan Partai Komunis Indonesia (PKI)

8 Ternate Tidore : Ternate

22 Bendera  Bandung Merdeka

36 Bendera Kemerdekaan Jawa Barat 1949

9 Sulawesi Selatan : Makassar 23 Bendera Dayak Besar Merdeka

37 Gerakan Flores Merdeka


10 Sulawesi Utara : Manado


24 Bendera Bandung Merdeka

38 Gerakan Boneo Sabah Merdeka

11 Nusa Tenggara :NIT

25 Bendera Banten Merdeka

39 Sumatra Selatan : Lampung Merdeka

Gerakan Dibawah Tanah


12 Timor Leste : Dili (Sudah Merdeka)

26 Jawa Barat 40 Sunda Kecil : Jakarta Merdeka

Gerakan Dibawah Tanah


13 Republik Maluku Selatan  RMS: Ambon

27 Negara Islam Indonesia

41 Flobamora dan  Sumba: Kupang Merdeka

Gerakan Dibawah Tanah


14 Negara Riau Merdeka

28 Kesultanan Aceh

42 Maluku Tenggara : Tual  Merdeka

Gerakan Dibawah Tanah



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