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PANGU Party on the Road to Economic Independence!

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The demise of GC Sir Michael Thomas Somare concludes the hardwork, commitment, determination and perseverance that took this great man to achieve Independence for PNGeans in 1975. Although he is gone, GC Sir Michael Thomas Somare’s legacy and achievements will forever be celebrated every 16th of September.

The greatest achievement of Late GC Sir Michael Thomas Somare is “uniting” Papua (British protectorate) and New Guinea (German protectorate) as ONE NATION ONE COUNTRY ONE PEOPLE and renamed it as Papua New Guinea πŸ‡΅πŸ‡¬ by removing the word ‘and’ that divided the 1000 tribes, cultures, lands, rivers and seas. GC Sir Somare will be the living legacy for PEACE, FORGIVENESS & UNITY.

GC Sir Michael Thomas Somare will be remembered for uniting Papua and New Guinea protectorates as Papua New Guinea πŸ‡΅πŸ‡¬ and proclaiming “Political Independence” in 1975 under the first political party called PANGU Party. GC Sir MTS led PNG as the First Prime Minister under PANGU Party until his demise.

Sir Michael lived up to 84 strong years to see his first political party (the PANGU Party) that he led in his formative years to gain “Political Independence” is now driving the country’s next agenda for reclaiming “Economic Independence”.

The baton is now passed by the country’s First Prime Minister and the First PANGU Party leader GC Sir Michael Thomas Somare to the Last Papua province and the last discovered Frontier, and Hela’s favorite son Hon. James Marape to lead this country of a 1000 tribes to the journey of Economic Independence after 45 years on.

To live GC Sir Michael’s dream, all 111 mps must remain united in respect to the rule of law, constitution, and respect for one and others to fulfill the development aspirations of our beautiful countryπŸ‡΅πŸ‡¬ spelled out in the country’s National Goals & Directive Principles and Eight-Point Plan. All mps MUST put aside your ego for political leadership, and work towards achieving the next journey for Economic Independence for PNG.




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