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Indonesia Imported US$1.3 mln Israel-made Weapons in 2020

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Translator:  Ricky Mohammad Nugraha

Editor: Laila Afifa

TEMPO.COJakarta – Issues on boycotting Israel products have once again emerged among the public in Indonesia following the increasing conflict between Israel and Palestine. But how far is Indonesia’s trade relationship with the Middle Eastern state?

Citing Antaranews, the National Indonesian Youth Committee (KNPI) deputy Amin Ngabalin pitched the idea of boycott during a rally at the United States Embassy in Jakarta as the only way to contest Israel’s treatment towards Palestinian people.

“There is no other way but to boycott its economic strength if we want to fight the zionist Israel,” said Ngabalin on Tuesday, May 18. 

On another note, Statistics Indonesia (BPS) data reveals that Indonesia imports Israel products in five main standard international trade classifications. One of which is arms products and ammunition (code SITC 891) with a total import value in 2020 reaching US$1.32 million or roughly Rp18.6 billion with current exchange. 

However, the most imported Israel products are data processing machines and devices (US$39.5 million) and telecommunication and its spare parts (US$3.9 million). Indonesia also imports Israel-made manual equipment and printing equipment. 

Throughout 2020, Indonesia has imported products from Israel that amounted to US$56,54 million that constitutes 0.03 percent of Indonesia’s total imports. 

Indonesia’s arms and weaponry import from Israel is well below the value of imports from Brazil (US$152.88 million), Swiss (US$129.9 million), and the Czech (US$123 million).

Tempo asked the country’s imports on Israel weapons and ammunition to Defense Minister spokesperson, Dahnil Anzar Simanjuntak, if those were state or private purchases, and he said “I must check [that data] first.”

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