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PNG Security Apparatus Has Collapased: Namah

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Media Statement
Tuesday 11th May, 2021

The country’s security apparatus has collapsed, Leader of the Opposition, Hon. Belden Norman Namah said today.

And the government has lost command and control, the former soldier said.

Mr Namah called for an early recall of Parliament and for a bipartisan Parliamentary approach to a “national crisis that has now clearly moved beyond politics”.
Mr Namah said: “In a democratic state, a people within clearly defined boundaries come together to pledge their loyalty, resources and energies to protect themselves and promote their common interests.

“The security of this nation is then placed in certain agencies such as the police, defence force, intelligence gathering agencies and the judicial system.

“With this responsibility there is placed total monopoly under legal sanction on the use of lethal weapons in the hands of its security apparatus.

“When tribal groups or criminals take up arms against the police force, when they burn down police stations and shoot at police and terrorize other citizens repeatedly without compunction, that is a direct challenge to the state.

“When the State does not do anything, when it appears helpless and is silent, that is when we know that the state no longer has a monopoly on the use of lethal weapons. Control, or some of it at least, has passed on to others that are not authorised by law. That is the point at which when the government has lost control and is unable to protect its citizens.

“That is when we have a serious security issue. Papua New Guinea, unfortunately, has arrived at this point.

“There is presently a health and a law and order security issues. They must be addressed together in a holistic whole of Government approach.

“Its clear Prime Minister James Marape is incapable of handling this crisis. The evidence is there in his continued silence.

“I am calling for an early recall of Parliament and for a bi-partisan approach to meet this national crisis that has clearly moved beyond politics and beyond this government’s ability to handle.”

The Opposition Leader is calling for the immediate removal of Mr. David Manning as Police Commissioner and Emergency Controller. He is incapable of handling and dealing with the rise of law and order situation and ethnic violence in our country that are spiralling out of control and he is not a fit and proper person to be the COVID-19 Emergency Controller.

“Our people are taking a triple blow from the COVID-19 Pandemic, escalating law and order problem and from economy in depression.

“The present silence from the people should not be taken as the people being alright. They are disoriented and confused. Shortly hunger and anger will set in. And then it will be too late.

“After that we will not have the luxury of time to sit down and pass blame or score political points.

“The time for action is now. If James Marape will not resign then his coalition partners should press for a recall of Parliament to address this issues.”

Approved for Release

Leader of the Opposition

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