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RPNGC COP David Manning Chapter – Igniting Sentiments, Questions Need To Be Answered

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The public policy paradigm shift by the government led by Prime Minister James Marape in its focus to trigger the RPNGC to better perform its Constitutional role to protect lives and property, and therefore secure the safety of citizens within the boundaries of the country, has incurred conversation.

And, the NEC decision has been targeted for intense scrutiny, and condemned as politically expedient, lacking context.
And, therefore contentious.

One contentious proposition put by the RPNGC Police Association or Union is the challenge for any individual politicians pushing for wholesale changes overnight to be held accountable, ready to face the reality.
Key Points:
(1) The Police Union says 8 million people of PNG are watching.
(2) For 45 years, the PNG police force policed the laws

Police Association president Lowa Tambua said the police union is keeping a close watch over the situation.

(3) And, in the worst – case scenario, be prepared to answer because’… the whole country will fall’.

The Post Courier reported on the paradigm shift in public policy targeting the RPNGC as an oppressive arm of State. And, the fallout since the announcement gave another side of the story to the NEC – approved policy change brought on during the 1 year – old Marape/Basil Government.

Police union: Change was for political expediency.

THE Police Association has accused the Government in rushing the changes to abolish the police department as being for its own political expediency.
Police Association president Lowa Tambua said the police union is keeping a close watch over the situation and if policemen and women are affected by the decision then the union will have no choice but pull off their members in a strike action.

“As president of the police union, my concern is that I am not a lawyer, my policemen and women are not trained lawyers to know the implications of how these changes will work out.”

Mr Tambua said some people have indicated challenging the government decision in court and if that happens and the future of policemen and women are uncertain then he will call on the police union members to stand down from active duties.

If it goes to court and I find that our future is affected, it is a situation that we all do not want to happen but the decision government has made may force us.”
“Government may be right in its decision but why the rush, when the appointment of Police Commissioner is before the court to make its deliberations.”
“Why the rush? It is not affecting the constabulary but the judicial system as well when they are about to make their deliberations on the matter.”
“This madness must stop. Rush decisions for political convenience must stop. Why don’t you do it six or 12 months ago. Why do you have to do it now when a case is before the court.

You may be doing the right thing but the timing is not right,” Mr Tambua said.

Mr Tambua added that the issue of the Police Department and Commissioner was before the courts in 1982 and recommendations were highlighted by the courts to abolish the Department and Secretary’s post.

“We are not lawyers, what happened in the past is history but we have to confir m situations as it is and make laws as it is because not everyone has the benefit of going back to what happened years ago.”

“The police force belongs to the 8 million people of this country. What happens to the police force the whole country will fall,” Mr Tambua said.
.. ends.
Meanwhile, in the social media FB walls of commentators came alive with incisive review, may be idle talk, but there seems to be a trend which shows the NEC decision may incur attention for a while yet, with nagging questions left dangling.

On PNG Blog, we read a two – parts analysis of the RPNGC public policy experiment or shift.

Paul Amatio’s insight on the issue informs all to the failure, or what he sees as failure by the Marape/Basil regime to deal with the PNG police force do its job better on Prime Minister James Marape’s watch. Perhaps

Part 1: Abolishing Department Is Wrong(https://www.pngblogs.com/…/abolishing-department-is…)Part 2: Kramer Fact Trustee With Zero Experience(https://www.pngblogs.com/…/kramer-fact-twister-with…)

Source: FB

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