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Tomasz Ani śko, MP of the the parliamentary term as the first MP in the history of Polish parliamentary

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Tomasz Ani śko, MP of the th parliamentary term as the first MP in the history of Polish parliamentary, addresses human rights and violations of law in West Papua. Through the parliamentary interpellation (Interpellation No. 24690 on the situation in West Papua) Thomas Ani śko asked Zbigniew Raua, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland about a number of issues regarding the current situation in West Papua.

Noting the historical context related to Poland, Thomas Ani śko, in his interpellation, describes the ongoing military operations of the Indonesian military in the mountainous regions of West Papua, which forced thousands of people to leave their homes and a series of unexplored human rights violations by the Indonesian security forces in West Papua in recent decades.

Tomasz Ani śko covered his interpellations with important questions:

  1. Do you consider respect for human rights in Indonesia, with particular attention to the issues raised above regarding the provinces of Papua and West Papua, a matter of importance?
  2. In mid-May 2020, Amnesty International Indonesia listed 69 prisoners of conscience, also considered political prisoners (Moluk and West Papua). The Papuas Behind Bars report created with cooperation TAPOL lists 245 new political prisoners in West Papua, between January 2019 and September 2020 Given that Poland alongside Indonesia remains a signatory to the International Civil and Political Rights Package, does the Republic of Poland consider it illegal or controversial to imprison anyone in Indonesia in connection with the implementation of the rights guaranteed in this document?
  3. Does the Polish government support the call for the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) and the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP / OACPS) to Indonesia to enable the UN High Commissioner for human rights. Michelle Bachelet preparing an independent report on West Papua? If not, are you considering initiating an individual appeal on behalf of Poland to UNHCHR and the Republic of Indonesia?
  4. Will the Polish government support the directional resolution of the United Nations Human Rights Council West Papua, if Indonesia blocks access to West Papua, UN High Commissioner for the United Nations human rights?
  5. Would Poland support the designation of a mediator to negotiate between representatives of the papuan society and the government of the Republic of Indonesia?


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