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TPN-PB Meepago says it will fight if the Indonesian military comes to the headquarters

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Jayapura, Jubi – The leader of the TPN-PB/OPM in the Meepago region, Damianus Magay Yogi, emphasized that his party was not looking for trouble with the Indonesian military, namely the TNI and Polri. However, according to him, if the officers came to the headquarters, they were determined to fight back.
“If the TNI and Polri come here, at the headquarters, then we are ready to buy (attack each other), it’s automatic and in principle. What is clear is that we weren’t the first to look for it,” said Damianus Magay Yogi, to Jubi, Thursday (1/7/2021).

Yogi said that his party took the decision not because they were afraid of going to war, but as proof that they wanted to protect the Papuan people in the Land of Meepago.

“We really respect the people. If it is the people who are the victims, we are sinners. So remember, it’s not that we’re afraid, but that we won’t back down for the homeland of West Papua in accordance with the mandate and main tasks of TPN-PB,” he said.

The Army Chief of Staff (Kasat) TPN-PB/OPM, Otto Jemi Magay Yogi said, the State of Indonesia through the Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Mahfud MD had labeled them as terrorists. But it still rejects the article TPN-PB/OPM is not a terrorist organization.

“Now President Jokowi has ordered the TNI Commander and the National Police Chief to send the military on a large scale in Papua, and especially in Meepago. That’s why all the people, especially the TPN-PB troops, are ready to face them,” he said. (*)

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