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MP: Don’t force me to take vaccine

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August 12, 2021The NationalMain Stories

KANDEP MP Don Polye says he doesn’t need anyone telling him to get his Coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccination because there are so many misleading medical reports.

“We had a reputable medical doctor predicting last year that this year, around this time, people will be dying like files on the streets,” he told Parliament.

“Till now, we have not seen anyone dying like flies.

“Don’t force me to get vaccinated because there are misleading medical reports on the effects of Covid-19 in PNG.

“The National Control Centre is happily releasing statistics on Covid-19 deaths, but the reality is that people with underlying diseases are dying.

“I’m not anti-vaccination. I would like to ask the pandemic response controller and the prime minister that those reputable PNG doctors they had mentioned (should) do further assessments.

“For example; why was it that during the awareness on vaccination and measures taken to prevent Covid-19, all the doctors said we will be buried in mass graves and that we will die like files on the streets just like in South America, China in Europe and elsewhere?

“The fear is driving people.
“In this country, we must accept the fact that no mass grave has been dug for dead people yet.”
“During this Covid-19 period, I have sent 10 bodies to Kandep and they didn’t die of Covid-19.”

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