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West Papua – 2012, The Snapshot: PNG, Where To?

by melanin
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Jayapura is capital of occupied West Papua, where yellow civilisation is prompting modernization for an ancient, timeless, oral society and our people.

It is a bustling Third World City.

Vanimo is the next door equivalent of the colonial experiment imposed or superimposed by the Dutch in Hollandia, now Jayapura, after 1962.

It is still a colonial border outpost. Its fate is embedded in the system, scheme of work in progress, whatever that means.

The capitalist state on either side of the Papuan Border will trigger off the ‘ Take Off Stage’ of the modernization process.

And, Adam Smith’s ‘Invisible Hand’ will kick in, trickle – down effect, with everyone doing their own thing but serve the common good in the end. Illegal border trade is worth a lot, but it bleeds the economy, and threatens national security interest.

The talking points:

(1) The sovereign status of independent PNG affects and infects the world – view of the people of occupied West Papua.

Indigenous Melanesian Papuans in PNG enjoy freedom to build their future, make mistakes, and learn from those failures, and move on.

The same people across the border in West Papua are still waiting for their turn to start to enjoy their promised freedom.

(2) For 55 years since the 1960s, Indonesia opted to modernize West Papua without a clear roadmap to freedom.

It is a policy flop by Jakarta that affects and infects the world- view of independent PNG.

The process of development for the country’s last frontier region, and its capital, Vanimo, will be reinforced by the correct trickle – down effect in which the conversation going on seems to be in order, validated, by empirical evidence.

West Papuan nationalism is in order.

A capitalist state across the border is critical to tricker off the modernization process, trickle – down effect, in Vanimo.

The end matters, not the means.

Vanimo is capital of the country’s last frontier. Right now, the trickle – effect from across the border is taken for granted. It must be the Dutch 600 years of Western civilisation.

Australia was here for only 200 years. And, is refered to as the reluctant colonizer, or colonialist.

One thing is clear.

In an independent West Papua, the conversation on the process of modernity and modernization and how it will trickle – down to Vanimo, and PNG’s last frontier region, gets a new prompt, significance, meaning.

Vanimo. The colonial outpost. Slowly, but surely.

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