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NCD Governor Hon. Powes Parkop’s Questions Without Notice to Foreign Minister of PNG at the Parliament

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Thank you, Mr Speaker.


On this day Thursday December 1st 1961 West Papua declared independence and raised its national flag the Morning Mtar. They had a Legislative and an executive government, a standing army and all the national symbols of a nation state. They had their National anthem Hai Tanaku Papua ( oh my land Papua). Their territorial boundaries were precise and demarcated.

Then in January 1962 the Indonesian invaded and the rest is history. Since then we (PNG) have adopted a policy that is shameful and is totally unethical to say the least.

Hiding under a policy of friends to all and enemy to none might be ok for rest of the world but it is a total capitulation to Indonesia aggression and illegal occupation.

It is more a policy of seeing no evil, speaking no evil and to say no evil against the evils of Indonesia.

So much has happened since which should be bothering on our conscience. How do we sleep at night when our own people on the other side are subjected to so much violence, racism, deaths and destructions? How can we call ourselves Christians when fellow Christians are being subjected to so much abuses on their own land?

How can we hold ourselves high as the biggest Melanesian State when the other half of our land which we share same ancestors, culture, language, traditions, songs, dance, river, mountains and seas continue to live as if they don’t exist.

In the recent a past priest has been killed, thousands of people have fled their homes and become internal refugees and some have crossed over to our side of this one island, one land. Not one word of complain or concern or event protest has been aired. Even the people who have crossed over recently are from same tribe as the Min people on our side, speaking same languages and sharing same ancestry. We have not uttered a word of complaint or protest.


Mr Speaker, my questions therefore are as follows :

  1. Are we going to revise our policy towards West Papua and adopt a more ethical morally courageous policy.
  2. Do we plan to raise the matter in the Melanesian Speaker Head Group and if so, when?
  3. What have we done or plan to do to apply pressure on Indonesia to allow the UN Human Rights Rapporteurs to visit the territory to inquire into the specific human rights complaints and the general human rights conditions in west Papua consistent with the Resolution of the Pacific Islands Forum in 2019.
  4. What steps are we doing to assist the ACP Countries escalate the resolution adopted in Nairobi Kenya on West Papua to the United Nations.
  5. Considering that PNG is a key member of MSG and MSG has recognize the United Liberation Movement for West Papua as a observer Member of the MSG what plans do we have provide support to the ULMWP? Can we allocate them funds from our budget or space here in PNG to step up an office capacity to purse their right to self determination.

Imagine if in 1974 when we had declared self-government and Indonesia invaded and no one came to our assistance. Imagine in 1980 when the French manipulated Jimmy Steven’s to stop the independence of Vanuatu and imagine if Sir Julius Chan and Government then did not send the Kumul Force to Espirutu Santo.

When are we going to have the courage to speak the truth on what is happening on our ancestral land to the West? How long are we going to allow fear to dictate our decisions and actions and do what is morally and ethically correct?

Thank you, Mr Speaker


Minister for Foreign Affairs, Soroi Eoe’s response is that he will raise it in Parliament.

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